PharmacyOutlet Offers The NHS Electronic Prescription Service

NHS Electronic Prescription Service

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is one of the NHS-funded services in the UK. It allows your GP practice to send prescriptions electronically to the place you nominate, which could be a pharmacy or a dispensing appliance contractor.

What does EPS mean for you?
If you regularly collect your repeat prescriptions from your GP practice, you will no longer have to visit your GP’s office just to pick up your paper script. Instead, your GP practice will send your prescriptions to the pharmacy via the internet, saving you time.

It depends on you from where to get your medicine; you can nominate a pharmacy near where you live or work. You may also not have to wait in the pharmacy store, as your repeat prescriptions are already dispensed before you arrive.

Is EPS right for you?
Yes, if you have a stable condition and you do not want to visit your GP surgery just to collect a paper script. It is also the right service for you if you collect your medicines from the same pharmacy at all times.

No, if you do not get prescriptions very often, collect your medicines from different pharmacies, or travel or work away from home a lot.

You have the right to choose the place where you want your GP practice to send your electronic prescription – this is called “nomination”. You can choose a pharmacy, a dispensing GP practice, or a dispensing GP practice.

Can I change or cancel my nomination?
Yes, you can change or cancel the nomination, but only after informing your GP practice and pharmacist. Nomination is quite flexible and can be changed or cancelled at any time. You have to tell them before your prescription is due; otherwise, your prescription might be sent to the incorrect place.

PharmacyOutlet is a UK’s online pharmacy that offers the NHS Electronic Prescription Service, so if you nominate it, your GP practice can send your prescriptions electronically. Once your prescription is received, PharmacyOutlet dispenses and delivers your medicines right to your door. This online pharmacy offers free delivery of NHS prescriptions.

If you want to reap the benefits of EPS, you can complete a nomination form and choose PharmacyOutlet as your dispenser. To know more about the NHS Electronic Prescription Service, call 03333 222 400.


Let Your GP Practice Send Prescriptions Electronically To Pharmacy Outlet


The NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) lets your GP practice send prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy of your choice so that you can get your medicines without the need for a paper prescription.

There is less or no need for patients with the repeat prescriptions to visit their GP practice just to collect a medicine script.

How does the EPS work?
At first, if you want your GP practice to send prescriptions electronically, you must nominate a pharmacy or a dispensing appliance contractor to receive your prescriptions online. The nomination works as same as the prescription collection service where the pharmacy collects your prescription to dispense your medicines.

The difference with the nomination here is that your prescription will be sent electronically to the pharmacy for collecting your medications.

When can I start using the service?
Most GP practices and pharmacies will start using the second stage of the NHS Electronic Prescription Service at different times. Your prescriptions cannot be sent through the internet until your GP practice starts offering the service. Your GP practice will be able to inform you when this will happen and where to look for the EPS sign.

Does using EPS mean I will see my GP less often?
No, it just means that you need not require visiting your GP practice just to collect a paper prescription.

You can nominate a pharmacy, or a dispensing appliance contractor, a dispensing GP practice to get your medicines. Usually, there are two ways of nominating a pharmacy. You can ask a clinical staff member at your GP practice to record a nomination on the behalf of you. Alternatively, you can directly register and nominate the website that offers the online pharmacy service and the NHS electronic prescription service.

For repeat prescriptions, you should continue to re-order your regular medications from an internet pharmacy such as Pharmacy Outlet. You can receive your medications right to your home with free delivery.

The Electronic Prescription Service is safe, reliable and confidential. Only the authorised clinical staff members working with Pharmacy Outlet will be able to view your electronic prescription for dispensing the medicines.