Essential Wheelchair And Scooter Accessories

Things could go from bad to worse when you are in a mobility scooter and you have no accessories when there is an unexpected downpour. You search for the nearest doorways to cover yourself while on a mobility scooter. Then there are a few times when you find no covers or doorways. Hence, it is important to invest in some essential wheelchair and mobility scooter accessories to see you through any kind of weather.

For instance, you need a water-resistance clothing and covers for you and your wheelchair or scooter. Another interesting thing about such accessories is that they are easily available online. You need not require going store to store to search for mobility scooter and wheelchair accessories. Buying mobility scooter accessories just by sitting on your couch is pretty much the safe and best option.

Listed are the most essential accessories you must consider using:

Wheelchair and Scooter Bags


There are a wide range of wheelchair and scooter bags available online. Different types of mobility scooter bags provide an ideal storage solution for various scenarios for mobility scooter users as well as caretakers. They come in a variety of styles from economic mobility scooter bags to luxurious deluxe bags.

Weather Protection Covers

weather-protection-coversMost wet weather protection covers are made from rip-stop, water-proof nylon. They protect you from wet weather, keeping you clean and dry. They are specifically designed for electric mobility scooter. The scooter storage cover is reliable, tough and durable. Most covers have elasticated base that ensures good fitting and resistance to being tangled by the wind. In short, mobility scooter covers provide the user optimum protection.

Voice alert Alarms

voice-alert-alarmsVoice alert alarm systems are recommended to help avert unwanted situations when you are using a mobility scooter, such as robbery, accident, etc. They are a useful tool in alerting the family members or people around about a situation.

Hand Gloves


When you are outdoors in a cold and wet weather, anti-slip and super absorbent hand gloves are of great help. They help keep your hands warm and dry, preventing frostbites and chilblains.

Scooter Control Panel Cover


This specifically designed and transparent cover is useful in protecting the control panel of your mobility scooter from nasty weather, dust and grime. So, investing in a scooter control panel cover is never a bad idea.

Mobility Scooter Covers

mobility-scooter-coversThese are easy-to-fit rain covers made up of waterproof nylon. They are hard wearing and can be fitted easily and quickly when and where required. Mobility scooter covers are the best way to keep your scooter clean and dry.

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Car Transfer Aids Make Travelling Easy

driver helping man on wheelchair getting into taxi

Car transfer or mobility aids are an important set of products for people who take care of a disabled person or an elderly. It is quite tough for disabled and elders to move and walk, and it is tougher for the caretakers.

Caretaker’s assistance help elderly or disabled people to enjoy and go outdoors, which is essential to improve their quality of life. Nobody on this planet wants or deserves to stay inside the house throughout the day, irrespective of how little you move or walk.

Importance of car mobility aids

Essential car transfer aids such as swivel seats can make a great difference to the one who has tough time guiding themselves and elders around. Swivel seats are perfect for people who require assistance and for those who want help in moving someone. They make it easy to exit the car.

Another useful car mobility aid that makes it easier to get out of the car is a handy bar. It provides support to push out and stand out of the car. Ideal for most vehicles and with a glass breaker during emergencies and seat belt cutter, a handy bar is a valuable investment.

Simple care mobility aids can make world of difference. There is a broad range of lightweight wheelchair and car transfer aids that can be easily stores and carried while on a car journey, especially for caretakers who guide someone in a wheelchair. Car mobility aids are ideal for shopping and other activities.

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Alcohol Promotes Weight Gain


Are you aware of the fact that a glass of wine can contain calories equivalent to a piece of chocolate, and a pint of beer contains as many calories as a packet of chips?

According to surveys, an average wine drinker takes around 2,000 kcal through alcoholic beverages every month. And drinking at least five pints of beer can add up to 44,200 kcal a year, which is almost equivalent to eating 220 doughnuts. In addition to drinking, people increase their calorie intake by eating more snacks such as chips, nuts, pork scratching, etc. Binge drinking is often followed by unhealthy breakfast in order to cope with hangover, which is again a risk of pilling up on the extra pounds.

Frequent drinking of alcohol can have a substantial impact on your health; it increases fat accumulation around the waistline, which can lead to more serious problems. Beer, wine, cider and all other alcoholic beverages are made from sugar and starch. The processes such as fermentation and distillation are used to produce certain drinks. This explains how alcohol infuses unwanted calories that are responsible for adding weight to your body.

How to prevent weight gain?


To prevent the risk of weight gain from alcohol, follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Do not drink more than 14 units per week, which is equivalent to 10 small glasses of wine or six pints of beer
  • Drink a glass full of water with every alcoholic drink; this will help prevent dehydration
  • Never drink alcohol on an empty stomach; choose healthier snacks such as sandwich rather than chips or crisps
  • Have a healthier dinner before drinking
  • Moderation is the key
  • Avoid binge drinking

Alcohol is one of the causative factors of obesity. And obesity is associated with a number of chronic health issues – such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and even cancer. If you are a chronic drinker, make sure you cut down your intake gradually in order to lose weight. Check with your GP to know more about the NHS recommendation on alcohol intake and weight loss.

Treating Mind and Body Together


It is a known fact that nearly 70% of adults with psychological issues also have underlying medical conditions, and 30% of adults with underlying medical conditions have some degree of psychological issues. Hence, it is imperative to integrate psychological and behavioural care into primary healthcare.

Nowadays, integration is one of the most commonly used terms in healthcare. Here are the principles of integration:

  • Integration of physical and mental health
  • Integration of primary and specialist care
  • Integration of health and social care

Patients often come with integrated bodies and mind. An integrated clinical approach is followed while interacting with patients and treating their mind & body together.

Healthcare specialists address both physical and psychological health when it comes to medical assessments, annual check-ups, treatment programs and healthcare pathways. Medical staff is trained in physical as well as psychological health awareness.

Fortunately, in the United Kingdom, integrated clinical care solutions have been developed, evaluated and implemented. At registration, a patient has to fill the complete questionnaire that provides details on their lifestyle, physical health, mood, and mental health. An e-Chat is a useful tool that helps assess patients’ mood and behaviour states, which can be integrated into an electronic health record. This is particularly beneficial for patients with psychological issues such as anxiety, depression and fear.

If left untreated, it is tough for a person with complicated psychological issues. It is harder to find the energy and motivation to lead to healthy lifestyle. Eventually, patients relapse more, need aggressive medical intervention, get hospitalised more often and suffer from severe illnesses.

Studies have found that people with cancer have had good prognosis due to integrated clinical care solutions. In addition to their physical health, their depression and anxiety were also been taken care of. The multispecialty community advisors are now accustomed to innovative and highly efficient integrated healthcare plans, social and prevention programs.

This indeed is an exciting time in the sector of healthcare in England. The bottom-line is – in association with proper body care, it is important to take care of psychological health in order to lead a healthy life.

Giving a gift makes someone feel special

It’s always a fun to give a gift to our love ones. It is said that gifting a gift is a sign of showing love and care towards another person. Gifting a gift isn’t the toughest part, neither removing money for it is, the only difficultly an individual faces while gifting a gift is selecting a particular thing that can be worth remembering.

A person can give a gift at any time and any day. Some special time or moments, such as birthday, wedding, engagement, anniversary, and wins are the best way for gifting. A person will enjoy the joy of gifting, only if the receiver likes it. A host can be any one; it can be a lover, friends, brother, sister, father, mother and or any relatives.

Every individual while gifting have a common aim in mind. A gift should reflect how and what you feel for the person you are gifting, and it should not be reckless or not worthy.

Considering a case of couple who are in love; If a guy wants to give a gift to his girl, he will try to get something which will make her feel happy and this will be an indication for the guy that his gift was worth remembering and have made her feel pamper too. Girls love to get pamper by their parents, brothers and love ones. Gifting her perfume will be the best thing, which an individual can do. Apart from perfumes, other particular things, which one can do to make her day, are –

1) Travelling a long distance just for wishing


A surprise visit to meet our love ones can increase the value of the moment and will result in increasing the value and love for the person.

2) Flowers


Flowers are a sensual gift that can express any emotion in the simplest way. With just a little knowledge and a phone call to the florist, one can play smart.

3) Make up kit


A girl and her make up kit is said to have a great bonding and are considered being the best partners for each other.

4) Chocolates



Chocolates makes an individual’s day better and it is best for any occasion. Chocolates are liked everywhere around the globe.

5) Clothes


Buying a new pair of clothing as a gift can be a good idea. Clothes can be worn in the front of people who gifted it in order to make them feel special.

6) Perfumes/Fragrances


It is characterized to give a pleasant scent to human body, animals, living space, food and objects. Every individual in today’s generation wants to look and smell good. Check out the entire range of perfumes and fragrances for both men and women.

7) Accessories


Accessories such as watches, clutches, rings, earrings, and necklace can be great idea. Female love and appreciate if they are being gift such things.

8) Outdoor Trip


A surprise trip can make anyone feel blessed and lucky. Going for a trip is always fun to enjoy.

Romantic Collage


a memorable moments captured by camera can be converted into a collage. Collage is a onetime accessible tool that can recall number of memories.

Keeping a card along with the gift is a good thing. A card is a medium to brief why one have bought gift for someone. A customized card will make the receiver feel happier and more comfortable to accept the gift.

Different Types of Walking Sticks for Older & Disabled People


Risk for falling increases, with increase in age. Every year 40% people who are above the age of 60, falls due to weakness. Normal ageing along with psychological imbalance results in reduction of stability and cause mental imbalance. The increase in risk of falls and brain’s improper functioning is noted to happen more in these group of people in compare to normal people, who come under the age of 60 years.  Chronic problems, such as osteoarthritis, eye disease and inner ear problems are also often present and can increase the risk of falling.

Walking aids such as wheel chairs, walking sticks, wheel chair belts, etc. are very effective and useful for this group of people. It has turned out to be a helping hand, which work in a manner that it gives support and prevent falls. 70% of people who are dealing with such problems prefer using walking sticks.

Walking sticks are appropriate and effective only if an individual have reasonable good mobility condition, but still need a little support to be at a safer end. Use of such products boosts confidence and balance. Knowing how to use and which type of walking sticks are very necessary. The following are the varieties available in these products as per there demand and usage –

1) Folding walking sticks

folding-walking-stickThese sticks are easy to store and light in weight. Bonding of shaft and strong elastic use in it ensure strong stable position when it is open. Checkout our full range of Folding Walking Sticks

2) Tripod walking sticks


If you need a little more support, one can try a tripod or tetrapod walking stick. One advantage of tripod and tetrapod walking sticks is that they can be left standing up by themselves.

3) Walking sticks with folding seats


A long distance walk can be very tiring and can affect the health of an individual. Walking stick with seat can be very useful in such cases.

4) Wooden walking sticks


Wide range of wooden walking sticks are available with a wide range of handle options. All wooden walking sticks should be cut to the correct height for the users as per the requirement.

5) Telescopic walking sticks


These sticks are available in aluminum, carbon fiber and steel. It provides an option of adjusting height as per the requirement.

How to choose a walking stick?

Such walking sticks are made up of different materials. Metal sticks are considered to be more stronger than other types of this products. It is very important that your walking stick is of the right height for you otherwise it can be potentially unsafe. Selecting sticks as per there looks can be cool but one should not forget that it will be of no use, if won’t match their requirement.

How to use walking sticks?

One who needs to use such sticks should know different techniques depending on your abilities and restrictions. There are specific techniques to us sticks in order to move upwards and downwards. Walking with stick incorrectly on the stairs can put you at greater risk of a fall. Suggestion from you family doctor or any physician will be a plus point in such case.

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Perfumes & Their Pleasant Smell


Mixture of fragrances is known as perfume. Essential oil, aroma compounds, fixative and solvent are the components of perfumes. It is characterized to give a pleasant scent to human body, animals, living space, food and objects. Consumption or usage of such products is noted to start in early human civilization. Modern perfumery began in the late 19th century. The custom of application of pure perfume started in Western culture and is consider being effective at pulse points, such as behind the ears, on the neck, and inside of wrists, elbows and knees. It is said to be done in this way because the pulse point warms the perfume and result in release of fragrance continuously.

Every individual in today’s generation wants to look and smell good. Renowned designer brands such as Calvin Klein, Armani, Paco Rabanne, Polo Hugo Boss, D&G and Bvlgari are ruling the top of the table. Smell of sweat from a body can harm individual’s reputation and will result in lack of confidence to come forward in front of the masses. Perfumes and fragrances help an individual to fight back from all the harmful and affecting things, which results in sweating. The demands for aromatic materials such as sandalwood, agar-wood, and musk are high and thus, it leads to the endangerment of this specie. Synthetic musk’s are pleasant in smell and relatively inexpensive, as they cover the unpleasant scent of laundry detergents and many personal cleaning products.

Fragrances present in perfumes degrade or break, if it is improperly stored or it comes in contact of sun light, heat and oxygen. The best way to preserve a perfume is to keep it in light-tight aluminum bottles. Perfume ingredients in spite of being natural and synthetic can cause many health and environmental problems, such as asthma, allergy, carcinogenicity, pollution, species endangerment, etc.

The purpose of using fine perfumes or fragrance compositions on industrial level is to affect customers through their sense of smell and provoke them to purchase the perfume or perfumed products. Perfume oils usually contain ten to hundreds of ingredients and these are specifically organized in a perfume for playing specific roles.

  • Primary scents: Can consist of one or a few main ingredients for a certain concept, such as “Rose”.
  • Modifiers: These ingredients alter the primary scent to give the perfume a certain desired character, for instance, fruit ester may be included in it to give fruity
  • Blenders: It is a large group of ingredients that smooth out the transitions of a perfume between different layers or bases. They themselves can be used as a major component of the primary scent.
  • Fixatives: fixatives are used to support the primary scents by strengthening it. Many resins, wood scents, and amber bases are used as fixatives.

If an individual is in doubt, he or she should follow their nose. The main difference is in the strength of fragrance oils. The highest concentration is in eau de perfume, then eau de toilette. The higher the strength, the longer one application of the fragrance lasts.