Thousands Face Long Wait To Get Wheelchairs Due To NHS Delays


Campaigners in the UK call for easy accessibility of wheelchairs for elderly and disabled people.

The first official figures suggest that thousands of elderly and disabled people face difficulties such as long delays to receive a NHS wheelchair.

It is estimated that one in five disabled children who need an NHS wheelchair are being kept on a waiting list for nearly 20 weeks. Some people who have received a wheelchair in November and December have had to wait at least 19 weeks.

Usually, the NHS does not keep a track on how long patients have waited for a wheelchair. However, certain organisations say that many young adults with physical disabilities have waited for more than eight months.

One in 50 Brits use a wheelchair to go to school or work, get to the shops – providing independent access to many things most of us take for granted.

A delay in receiving a wheelchair is affecting too many people in UK.

Nearly 40% adults with special wheelchair needs, who are fully dependant on their wheelchair and mobility aids, have to wait for more than nine weeks for the NHS to analyse and decided what type of wheelchair they need. Furthermore, 37% wait for more than nine weeks to receive their equipment.

If you use a wheelchair, we can help you with accessories to help you stay independent.

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Stay Away From Online Miracle Cures


Each year, millions of people buy miracle cures for health issues such as erectile dysfunction, weight loss and baldness.

Many of these so called miracle cures are extensively advertised online via unsolicited emails. Remember, that these have not been tested and claims made have not be substantiated.

You should never start using a new medicine or cease the treatment prescribed to you without consulting a qualified medical professional.

Potential risks of buying medications online

Some websites supply new medications and treatments claiming to cure your medical condition. Such medicines do not contain approved drugs and do not meet the standards and quality of approved medication.

If an online pharmacy does not ask you to provide a prescription for prescription-only medicines, it is better to buy somewhere else.

Don’t forget it is your health that is at stake if you buy medication online from unlicensed pharmacists, local or online.

Common medicines scams include sites that:

  • Promise “wonder breakthrough” or “miracle cure”
  • Offer money-back guarantees and risk-free treatments
  • Try to convince you with positive feedbacks from previous customers (always ask yourself if these reviews are genuine)

Contain endorsements from medical professionals who quote scientific evidences (which are usually fake)

Look for NHS choices pharmacy that is registered with Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). The registered NHS choices pharmacy is the best place to buy prescription medicines online. You can rely on NHS pharmacy services to get your prescription medicines.

The MHRA warns people to stay away from counterfeit medicines, as they contain harmful ingredients. They can put your health at risk. It is very rare for fake medicines to be prepared in the UK.

When it comes to medications, it is always best to consult a qualified medical professional first. Your doctor or pharmacist can help you with a range of medical conditions, issues and ensure that any medication you are taking does not cause any adverse reactions.

Pharmacy Outlet is one of the UK’s best online pharmacies. It is MHRA and GPhC registered, and can deliver all your medication needs via their website or over the phone.

How To Buy Drugs Online From A Trustworthy Pharmacy


It would be a real challenge to figure out where to search for the best online pharmacy to buy prescription drugs online UK while ensuring your health is not at stake. Buying online pharmacy prescription drugs are easy and affordable. However, the dangers of ordering online prescriptions are well documented. There are numerous illicit online pharmacies supplying drugs that can have ingredients which can pose a health hazard.

How can you determine which internet pharmacies are trustworthy?

The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) are the dependable sources of information. They are focused on protecting you from fraudulent online pharmacies. The GPhC offers accreditation through an online logo only available to registered Pharmacies in the United Kingdom.

Pharmacy Outlet is the best online pharmacy and most importantly, it is registered with the MHRA, RPS and GPhC.

Is buying from Pharmacy Outlet safe for me?

Yes! Pharmacy Outlet is MHRA and GPhC registered online pharmacy that offers a wide range of over-the-counter and prescription drugs, medical products and supplements in the UK. So, it is completely safe to buy medication online through Pharmacy Outlet.

Know How to Stop Hay Fever This Spring


Spring brings a lot of excitement, transformation and change. It is a hopeful season that conveys new beginnings, colourful new looks and brightness.

However, for some people, spring is just the beginning of those irritating sniffles and sneezing. And that is because of the pollen that triggers hay fever symptoms. The first day of spring is on 20th March. It is the commencement of spring and many people are prone to hay fever during this season.

Nearly 10 million Brits suffer from allergic rhinitis, also called hay fever, every year. It is one of the most common seasonal allergies in the UK. The complexity of hay fever symptoms may vary according to the pollen count and climate. So, always keep a check on the pollen forecast so that you can take certain precautions that stop you from experiencing the symptoms of hay fever.

To get relief from allergy symptoms such as stuffy nose, sneezing, post-nasal discharge and itchy eyes, the expert pharmacists of Pharmacy Outlet have provided the top pollen-combating tips:

  • Keep your doors and windows closed

The pollen count is relatively high during spring, especially in the morning and at night, so keep your doors and windows closed. If you want some cool air, try using an air conditioner with HEPA filter.

  • Dry your clothes indoors

This is one of the most important tips. Leaving your clothes to dry outdoors is a bad idea during spring. They may quickly get covered with pollen scattered in the breeze. With pollen adhering your clothes and towels, you are inviting the allergen to enter your body. So, play safe and dry your clothes indoors whenever possible.

  • Wash your hands regularly

If you are a hay fever victim, touching your face and rubbing your eyes constantly can make way for the pollen to invade the body. Pollen is everywhere during springs and it can easily gain access to your body. So, make sure you wash your hands regularly to prevent transferring of pollen into your nose and eyes.

  • Wear sunglasses

When you are outdoors, wear sunglasses so that it will not allow the pollen to irritate your eyes. You can make use of anti-allergen sunglasses to keep eye irritation at bay. In addition, you can wear a protective mask.

  • Be prepared

The best way to prevent hay fever during springs is avoiding pollen as much as possible. You can use drug-free balm such as HayMax Hayfever that is to be applied onto and across the nose. This will trap the pollen and keep your nose away from such allergens. There are effective allergy medicines and products available at your local or online chemist. You can ask your GP to know which one is the best to treat hay fever.

  • For flare-ups

Piriton Allergy Tablets can help ameliorate the symptoms of hay fever. You can keep a box of Piriton allergy tablets in your pocket to use it when your symptoms aggravate. It is a non-sedating antihistamine that will help overcome runny nose, sneezing, nasal discharge and itchy eyes.

If you would like to know more about the best allergy medicines and products to help you lead quality life this pollen season, you can visit Pharmacy Outlet. It is the UK’s best online pharmacy where you can buy medication online. You can also buy prescription online drugs UK at this store by providing your doctor’s prescription.

Potential Risks of Buying Prescription Drugs & Medicines Online in UK


The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) of the UK always warns people about the plausible dangers of buying prescription drugs over the internet. Some websites selling over-the-counter and prescription drugs may not be safe to use and may put your health at risk.

So, how to protect yourself from such dilemma? The MHRA says that people should know how to recognise a legitimate online pharmacy and how to buy prescription drugs online safely.

Never get deceived

Buying prescription or over-the-counter drugs online from a website you do not know means you are at a great risk. There are many online pharmacies that function legally and offer privacy, convenience and safeguards for buying medicines. On the flipside, there are many rouge websites that supply potentially harmful drugs that are not checked for safety and efficacy.

Know your medications

Before you buy medication online for the first time, it is imperative to talk to a medical professional such as doctor or pharmacist. You need to be very careful when you buy medication online in UK. If the website is asking for your doctor’s prescription, you can go ahead and place an order.

Counterfeit drugs

Counterfeit drugs are fake and unlicensed medicines that are difficult to identify. The fraudulent practice of fake drugs can apply to both branded and generic medicines. They may be outdated, contaminated, contain wrong drugs and lead to dangerous adverse effects.

How to protect yourself?

  • Buy medication online from websites that are physically located in the UK
  • Always buy prescription drugs online UK with doctor’s prescription
  • Do not order prescription medicines for the first time unless you consult your doctor
  • Check whether the online pharmacy is registered with General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)
  • Check for privacy and security policies that are easy to spot and understand
  • Use legitimate website that has a certified pharmacist to resolve your queries

There are always some sorts of risks buying medicines online through unregistered websites, especially prescription drugs. So, be on a safer side by working with your doctor before you buy drugs online UK. One of the legitimate online pharmacies registered with GPhC on which you can rely is Pharmacy Outlet.

Know How to Buy Prescription Drugs Online Safely in UK


Each year, nearly 2 million people across the UK try to save their time and money by ordering medicines online. Lack of time and hesitation to consult a doctor made many people to rely on online pharmacies to order medicines online. Are they reliable? Do they supply safe medicines? Unfortunately, there are a very few online pharmacies that are legitimate and provide you genuine medications.

Many rouge internet pharmacies offer extremely cheap generic medicines. Plus, they offer you alluring discounts. Many such websites supply medications that are manufactured outside of the UK, which do not meet the quality standards. Hence, you end up getting unlicensed and fake medications that can prove fatal to your health.

Consider these tips to buy medication online:


Never order NHS prescriptions online or medicines from internet pharmacies that do not ask for a prescription; such websites are not reliable. Look for an online pharmacy that asks you for a doctor’s prescription. For example, Pharmacy Outlet is the UK’s online pharmacy that asks people to provide NHS prescriptions, private prescriptions or electronic prescriptions before placing an order.


Many web pharmacies offer tend to offer medications at lowest possible prices. Do not ever fall prey to such super-bargains. It could be an indication of something fishy is going on. Medicinal prices that are extremely lower than actual prices do not meet the quality and standards.


If an internet pharmacy has a seal of GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Council), you can go ahead and buy medicine online, but after providing a prescription. Always look for GPhC registered online pharmacy. If you find its seal on a particular online pharmacy, it is a safe place to buy prescription drugs online.


You must be able to talk to a pharmacist through phone, email or any means of communication. Check for phone numbers and call the pharmacist to resolve your queries. Make sure the pharmacist is affiliated with the online pharmacy and has the licence to dispense medicines.


The most important thing one should look for is the physical address of the online pharmacy in the UK. Choose a web pharmacy that is located in the UK. Pharmacy Outlet is owned and managed by Pharmacentric Limited that is located at 40 London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9AA. So, you can completely rely on this pharmacy to order medications online.

The bottom line is – never opt for websites that sell prescription drugs without a prescription, supply unapproved medicines and facilitate the sale of meds without pharmaceutical license.

Guidelines That Help You Buy Medications Online


There are many illicit firms selling a great number of unlicensed and fake drugs online. In fact, in 2012, some UK officials conducted a series of raids on illicit internet pharmacies that were dealing in fake drugs. Nearly, 79 people were arrested for the distribution of the medications that were sold illegally.

In light of this sensational news, we believe it would be beneficial to layout certain guidelines that can help you distinguish a reliable and genuine online pharmacy from its crooked counterparts.

1) Never trust websites offering medicines without prescription, especially for prescription drugs

Prescription drugs need a valid medical prescription, irrespective of their potencies, severity of the side effects, risk of overdose, etc. Usually, there are two types of internet dispensaries viz. traditional online pharmacies and online doctor services. An online pharmacy does not employ doctors; hence, you need to provide a legal prescription to buy medicine online. If an online pharmacy does not ask you a prescription, consider buying your meds elsewhere.

2) Check for proper accreditation

The selling of prescription drugs online is strictly regulated in the United Kingdom. All the prescription drugs sold legally by a pharmacy should have a valid MHRA license. A legitimate online pharmacy must be regulated by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) or General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

3) Look for a site that provides credible information

All legitimate sites will contain top quality, relevant and reliable information about the medicines and the conditions they treat. On the other hand, scam websites try to focus on easy accessibility and how cheap their medicines are. So, before you buy medication online, make sure you look for credible info.

4) Do not rely on sites where there is nobody to talk or guide you

Legitimate websites that sell medicines will provide a list of contact numbers or have some sort of internal messaging services that let pharmacists to answer your queries.

5) Opt for pharmacies that have a UK phone number and address

Most of the counterfeit online pharmacies come from East Asia. Certain loopholes in the law allow foreign firms to sell fake and unlicensed prescription medicine online. Make sure you go through the whole website to find the phone number and address so that you can make a contact before you buy medicine online.

6) Never rely on sites that sell medications at extremely cheap price

Stay away from online pharmacies that offer to sell medicines at extremely cheap price or offer to sell in bulk with lucrative discounts. Do not buy medication online UK at prices that are intensely lower than the actual prices.

7) Protect your details

Fraudulent online pharmacies may use deceptive methods to extract your personal information and extort money. So, be careful and avoid sites that do not state privacy and payment options, and shipping fees.

When you buy prescription drugs online, you should always be on the side of caution. This means staying away from sites that violate one or two aforementioned guidelines. PharmacyOutlet is one of the online pharmacies you rely on to buy medications.