A Digital Service NHS Online Prescription Is For Everyone

NHS online prescription
The objective of National Health Service (NHS) is to ensure that everybody should have equal access to the best healthcare in the UK, irrespective of the age, sex, means, or occupation. The NHS follows the principles of equity, universality and quality when it comes to providing healthcare services to people.

The internet has touched every aspect of our lives; it makes things better, faster and cheaper. According to experts, three-quarters of Brits go online every day. Digital technology can greatly improve the relationship between a GP practice and a patient, allowing people to take good control of their health and well-being.

Keeping the principles of equity, universality and quality in mind, the NHS has introduced the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) so that patients can reap the benefits of healthcare services in the UK. The NHS online prescription brings amazing opportunities for healthcare. A digital health tool such as the Electronic Prescription Service makes healthcare more accessible and helps people to manage their health condition in a better way.

The NHS online prescription service enables medical practitioners such as GPs and practice nurses to send prescriptions electronically to a pharmacy of the patient’s choice. This digital service makes the prescribing and dispensing process more convenient and efficient for patients, pharmacists as well as GPs.

If patients normally collect repeat prescriptions from the same place, they could directly collect their medicines from a pharmacy without visiting a GP. In addition, they will not have a paper prescription to lose and they may have to spend less time waiting in the store. Furthermore, the NHS online prescription service is reliable, secure and confidential.

With this incredible NHS digital service, a GP practice can process prescription more efficiently and have good control of the prescription. More importantly, they can spend less time dealing with queries related to prescriptions and focus on patients who need additional support.

Pharmacists are also benefited from the NHS Electronic Prescription Service. They can process prescriptions more efficiently, have improved stock control, and spend less time sorting prescriptions.

The NHS online prescription service is free and it has the potential to be one of the most beneficial public healthcare services of the twenty-first century. GPs and pharmacists often encourage patients to use the NHS Electronic Prescription Service to their best advantage.

Remember, you need to nominate a pharmacy to get started with the NHS online prescription service. You can even nominate an online pharmacy such as PharmacyOutlet to reap the benefits of free EPS.