Why Should I Order Prescriptions Online?

order prescriptions online

In recent years, healthcare in the UK has made monumental progress. Before the invention of NHS Electronic Prescriptions Service, there were limited options experts could offer for someone with chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, long-standing backache, depression, etc. However, there is a lot medical experts can do now.

Nowadays, patients are being diagnosed with health conditions sooner and experts are increasingly identifying the risks of such conditions, which require them to take medications regularly and help them to stay away from medical complications. Medications for chronic health conditions have to be taken regularly and you need to be in touch with your GP practice and pharmacy constantly to get the supply.

If patients fail to take their regular medicines as prescribed, they are leaving their health at potential risk of harm. For instance, not taking diabetes medicine regularly can increase the risk of developing long-term complications related to heart, nerves, kidneys, and eyes.

What can you do to get your repeat medicines on time?
First, it is imperative to consult a GP practice and undergo a medical assessment. If you are diagnosed with a chronic condition that needs regular treatment, your prescriber will issue you a prescription. You need to show this prescription to your pharmacist to get your medicine.

Next time when you need a new supply, you visit your GP practice, pick up a repeat prescription slip, drop it off at your pharmacy, wait in the store and get the new supply. This can be time-consuming and not always convenient. There is an alternative for you – the NHS Electronic Prescriptions Service (EPS).

The EPS enables your GP practice to send your repeat prescriptions to your pharmacy so that you do not require visiting your GP practice each time to pick up a paper script. Everything is done through the internet. Once the prescription reaches your pharmacy electronically, your medication is dispensed; you need to simply walk in and get your supply, without waiting in the store. Remember that you must nominate a pharmacy to use the EPS.

Some pharmacies even offer you free delivery. For example, PharmacyOutlet, an online pharmacy, offers the NHS Electronic Prescription Service to fulfil your repeat prescription needs. Once it collects your repeat prescriptions, it dispenses and delivers your medication right to your door without any extra cost. This is the reason why you should order prescriptions online.

Call 03333 222 400 to ask your pharmacist how to order prescriptions online.


Order & Manage Your Prescriptions Online with PharmacyOutlet

Order-&-Manage-Your-Prescriptions-Online-with-PharmacyOutletIf you require a repeat prescription, nominate PharmacyOutlet and you will come to know how easy, convenient and time-saving it could be to order and manage your prescriptions.

You always feel great when someone does the hard work for you. Well, with the NHS Electronic Prescription Service offered by the PharmacyOutlet, you will feel the same.

All you have to do is sign up with the PharmacyOutlet NHS Electronic & Repeat Prescription Service and send your repeat prescription. Once you nominate PharmacyOutlet, you can order prescriptions online and the pharmacist will deliver them to the address of your choice. Not only that, this online pharmacy will remind you about your prescription due to ensure that you do not run out of your supply.

Here the guide on how to use the repeat prescription service and use it to the best advantage when it comes managing your repeat prescriptions:

Order your NHS Repeat Prescription
The service allows you to order prescriptions online, for delivery to the address of your choice. Please visit the NHS Electronic & Repeat Prescription Service page and sign up to order repeat prescriptions with PharmacyOutlet. You can create an account for hassle-free service.

Provide your details
You will need to provide details of your prescribing GP, which include name, surgery address and telephone number. Please note that PharmacyOutlet is only able to dispense your repeat prescriptions that have been issued by a doctor registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). You also need to provide your personal details, including the address that you would like to get your medicines delivered.

Send your prescription slip
Send your repeat prescription slip (the white slip) to Pharmacentric Limited, 40 London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9AA. Once your prescription arrives, you will get an email to inform you that PharmacyOutlet has received it. If you choose to go online, PharmacyOutlet will make necessary arrangements to collect your prescription directly from your surgery through the internet. This saves you time.

Delivery through Royal Mail
Once your prescription is received from your GP surgery, PharmacyOutlet will dispense and send your prescription medications to your chosen address via Royal Mail.

Free reminder service
After you order your first NHS prescription with PharmacyOutlet, you will get an automatic email reminder when your next prescription is due. This will help you to order and manage your prescription without running out of the old supply.

To know more about the NHS Electronic & Repeat Prescription Service, call 03333 222 400 and ask your pharmacist.

Let Your GP Practice Send Prescriptions Electronically To Pharmacy Outlet


The NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) lets your GP practice send prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy of your choice so that you can get your medicines without the need for a paper prescription.

There is less or no need for patients with the repeat prescriptions to visit their GP practice just to collect a medicine script.

How does the EPS work?
At first, if you want your GP practice to send prescriptions electronically, you must nominate a pharmacy or a dispensing appliance contractor to receive your prescriptions online. The nomination works as same as the prescription collection service where the pharmacy collects your prescription to dispense your medicines.

The difference with the nomination here is that your prescription will be sent electronically to the pharmacy for collecting your medications.

When can I start using the service?
Most GP practices and pharmacies will start using the second stage of the NHS Electronic Prescription Service at different times. Your prescriptions cannot be sent through the internet until your GP practice starts offering the service. Your GP practice will be able to inform you when this will happen and where to look for the EPS sign.

Does using EPS mean I will see my GP less often?
No, it just means that you need not require visiting your GP practice just to collect a paper prescription.

You can nominate a pharmacy, or a dispensing appliance contractor, a dispensing GP practice to get your medicines. Usually, there are two ways of nominating a pharmacy. You can ask a clinical staff member at your GP practice to record a nomination on the behalf of you. Alternatively, you can directly register and nominate the website that offers the online pharmacy service and the NHS electronic prescription service.

For repeat prescriptions, you should continue to re-order your regular medications from an internet pharmacy such as Pharmacy Outlet. You can receive your medications right to your home with free delivery.

The Electronic Prescription Service is safe, reliable and confidential. Only the authorised clinical staff members working with Pharmacy Outlet will be able to view your electronic prescription for dispensing the medicines.

Manage Your Repeat Prescriptions Online Using Pharmacy Outlet


If your GP practice has issued a repeat prescription for you to get your regular medication, you need to use the re-order form (white slip) that is attached to your last prescription. You must tick the medicines that you need and drop it to the pharmacy to get your medicines.

Usually, it takes around two days to process your repeat prescriptions. Most pharmacies do not accept repeat prescription orders over the phone to ensure safety and accuracy. This is the conventional way of getting your regular medicine through repeat prescriptions.

Ordering & Managing Repeat Prescription Online

The registered or NHS exempt patients can order and manage their repeat prescription online at any time through the NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS). To reap the benefits of EPS, you must first nominate a pharmacy that is entitled to offer the EPS.

You can even nominate a dispensing appliance contractor or a GP who dispenses medications. After nomination, your GP practice will send your prescriptions electronically to the dispenser you nominate.

If you use the repeat prescription online service, you do not have to visit your GP’s office every time just to pick up a paper prescription. Instead, your GP will send it to the place of your choice through the internet, with lesser chances of losing the paper script.

Once your repeat prescription is downloaded on the pharmacist’s computer, you will have your medicines dispensed and delivered right to your home. The repeat prescription online service and delivery is free.

What should I do if I do not want to use this service? You can use the conventional way i.e. you will have to pick up your paper prescription from your GP practice, drop it to your pharmacy, and wait in the store until your medicine is dispensed.

Pharmacy Outlet is GPhC registered website that offers the repeat prescription online service to patients who live in England only. Call 03333 222 400 to learn about how to order the repeat prescription online.

Get Private Prescription Online For ED Medicines in UK

Get-Private-Prescription-Online-For-ED-Medicines-in-UKIt is essential to provide a valid prescription in order to get ED medicines online in the UK.

Pharmacy Outlet is affiliated with an online doctor service, PharmaDoctor, in order to provide you private prescription online for erectile dysfunction treatment. PharmaDoctor offers patients with an online consultation for certain prescription-only medications, including ED medicines such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

If your GP practice has issued a prescription for a particular medicine to treat erectile dysfunction, you can get it online by consulting the private prescription service offered by the PharmaDoctor and Pharmacy Outlet.

If you do not have a prescription, you can still order an ED medicine by consulting one of the registered GMC doctors via PharmaDoctor. All you need to do is complete a short medical questionnaire and choose your ED treatment. PharmaDoctor will go through the details and approve an ED medicine if found suitable. With the private prescription online service, you need to pay for the medication and get it delivered to your home.

PharmaDoctor is one of the reliable online GP services for getting a private prescription online. Here are a few reasons why can rely on this online doctor service:

  • You can order private prescription online without any hassle
  • You will have a safe, discreet and confidential online doctor consultation with one of the GMC registered GPs
  • Safe, secured and discreet online payment
  • Next day delivery of medicine is also available

If a GP associated with PharmaDoctor issues you a private prescription for an ED medicine, you can get it delivered through Pharmacy Outlet to your preferred address in UK. The process is very simple and convenient. Moreover, this service is cheaper than the local pharmacy.

Pharmacy Outlet offers free delivery on orders made above £40 via the private prescription, within the UK.

You can call 03333 222 400 to learn more about the private prescription online service. Remember that a valid prescription is a legal requirement to get any prescription ED medicine online.

Do You Get Repeat Prescriptions? Use The NHS Electronic Prescription Service

NHS Electronic Prescription ServiceThe Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is a service initiated by the NHS in England. It offers the opportunity to your GP practice to send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.

What is the NHS Electronic Prescription Service?
If you get your repeat prescriptions from your GP practice, there is no need to visit his clinic just to collect your paper prescription. Instead, your GP practice will send your prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy, saving you time.

You can choose a pharmacy that is near to your home. You do not require waiting for a longer duration in the pharmacy store, as there will be more time for a pharmacist to dispense your repeat prescriptions.

Is EPS the right service for you?
The NHS Electronic Prescription Service is right for you if you suffer from a stable condition and you –

  • want to avoid going to your GP practice every time to collect a paper prescription
  • get your medicines from the same pharmacy at all times
  • already use the prescription collection service

The EPS is not the right service if you:

  • do not get prescriptions very often
  • collect your medicines from different pharmacies
  • travel a lot away from home

How to use the NHS Electronic Prescription Service
First, you need to choose the pharmacy so that GP practice can send your prescriptions electronically. This is called “nomination”. You can nominate a pharmacy, a dispensing appliance contractor, or even a dispensing GP practice.

Can I change or cancel my nomination?
Yes, you can change or cancel nomination at any time, but after speaking to your GP practice and pharmacist. The nomination is flexible and can be changed or cancelled if you are not happy with the service. Before cancelling the nomination, you must inform your GP practice and pharmacy; if you fail to do so, your prescription will be sent to the wrong place.

You do not have to nominate every time. If you do not want to use the NHS Electronic Prescription Service, you can ask your GP practice to provide you a paper prescription.

Use The Electronic Prescription Service Of Pharmacy Outlet


If you get regular prescriptions from your GP practice, Pharmacy Outlet can take all the hard work you face while ordering your prescriptions.

Pharmacy Outlet provides an easy and convenient service for ordering your repeat prescriptions through the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).

After completing the online registration form, you can nominate Pharmacy Outlet and get your medicine through the prescription sent by your GP practice. The pharmacy will also inform you about your next prescription due. You simply need to send the request. Once your prescription is received through the internet, the pharmacist with dispense and dispatch your medication at your home.

This means that you do not have to drop off your repeat prescription in the pharmacy store. You can send your request to Pharmacy Outlet and then it will deliver your medicine to the place you prefer. All electronic repeat prescriptions are stored securely and discreetly.

The Pharmacy Outlet’s Electronic Prescription Service also means that its pharmacist can help you with medicine queries if you are taking not enough or too much of medication.

The pharmacy offers a free prescription delivery service. All you need to do is order your online prescription electronically from your GP practice to Pharmacy Outlet. The medicine will be dispensed and delivered right to your home in a safe and discreet packaging. Delivery of the NHS electronic prescriptions is free.

Pharmacy Outlet is a registered online pharmacy based in Camberley, Surrey, which works like any other pharmacy with one distinct feature – everything is done online. You can contact the store by calling 03333 222 400 or drop an email to store@pharmacyoutlet.co.uk.

This UK’s online pharmacy will also handle your single prescriptions, both NHS and private once it receives the prescription electronically.

The prescription information shared is kept strictly confidential and is protected under the Data Protection Act. The store will never share your prescription details with anyone. You can rest assure on Pharmacy Outlet to get started with the electronic prescription service.