A Guide To Good Dental Care


It’s time to think about your own dental care. It is something we often overlook but that should not be the case. It is imperative to develop and maintain good dental or oral health. This will surely benefit for your mouth as well as overall wellbeing.

Simply follow the below-mentioned steps to maintain good oral hygiene –


The first and foremost thing you need to do is brush your teeth on a regular basis. It prevents gum disease and tooth decay. Brushing helps prevent the plaque formation by removing the bacteria. Plaque is the major cause of gingivitis and tooth decay. You need to brush at least twice daily to improve your oral health. Do not brush your teeth rigorously, as the gums may bleed, causing an infection. A gentle and thorough cleansing should not take more than two minutes. Pick a toothbrush with soft bristles and use fluoride-based toothpaste. More importantly, replace your toothbrush every three months.


Flossing is a kind of interdental cleaning that removes bacteria and plaque. This important process is useful in preventing the formation of plaque. Floss at least once in a day to ensure that plaque is not converted into calculus or tartar. Use an interdental brush to floss. Ask your dentist for appropriate size.

Limit certain substances

Bacteria and other microbes survive on sugar. Hence, it is important that you reduce sugar intake. If you eat sugary foods on a regular basis, you are more likely to develop dental issues. Also, stay away from acidic foods and drinks, as they strip tooth enamel of the essential mineral. Enamel damage can increase the risk of teeth sensitivity. Smoking is one of the most common causes of dental issues. Your normal gum tissues, soft tissues and bony structures are affected by smoking, so quit as early as possible.

Regular check-up

Sometimes it is not easy to get rid of the already accumulated plaque and tartar. You need professional cleansing process, which is possible by consulting a dentist. A simple filling is required in case of a little cavity. However, a big cavity needs proper dental care.

These dental care steps can help you maintain good oral hygiene. At PharmacyOutlet, you can come across a variety of products that are useful in treating and preventing oral or dental issues.


Types of Emollients

Emollients are a kind of moisturisers that prevent skin from dryness and water loss. They keep the skin moist and agile by providing an ultra-thin protective layer. Emollients are quite beneficial for patients with severe dry skin, especially those with psoriasis and eczema.

You may find emollients in various skincare products and beauty applications, such as lotions, lipstick and other cosmetics. Usually, an emollient is a kind of lubricant, humectant and occluder. The occlusion property provides a thin layer of oil on the surface of the skin, thus reducing the water loss. A lubricant prevents friction, while a humectant increases the skin’s ability to hold water content.

Types of emollients

Different types of emollients vary on their oil and water ratio. In ointments and creams, the oil content is high, while in lotions, it is relatively low. High lipid content emollients are stickier and greasier; hence, they make skin look shinier.

  • Soap substitutes – Emulsifying ointments or aqueous creams are good alternatives for bath soaps. They do not strip the skin of its surface like most of the ordinary soaps do.
  • Emollient bath additives – These emollients are added to bathwater tub to prevent the moisture loss from the skin. Bath emollients can make the bathtub a bit slippery so be very careful. For children who are prone to eczema, bath emollients with an antiseptic may offer good protection. Make sure you use them occasionally. Read the advised amount before making use of bath emollient. A high concentration emollient can lead to skin irritation.
  • Emollient ointments and creams – They are usually good for dry skin, but they may make your skin feel a bit itchy. In many cases, symptoms subside within a few days. Seek medical help if the stinging sensation persists. In long run, they are quite useful in eczema, psoriasis and other skin issues.

People with eczema and psoriasis with extremely dry skin need to use bath emollients or creams more frequently. They may notice improvement with medicated emollients that help prevent inflammation, infection and flare-ups.

According to medical experts, emollients creams are most effective when applied after bathing with bath emollients, especially in people with complaints of dry and itchy skin.

Benefits Of Smoking Cessation

“Smoking is injurious to health”

There is no denying that smoking is harmful for your health. Smoking causes cancer and other life-threatening issues such as heart attack and stroke. Your body will thank you for kicking this butt as soon as possible.

Your health is at risk of numerous medical conditions if you smoke. What you get from smoking? Pleasure? Well, your pleasure can cost your health; it can make you fall sick; it causes high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, respiratory infections, oral/throat/lung cancer and many more.

It is high time to quit smoking. Smoking cessation can make your life better. Do you know you can improve your health in as few as 30 minutes after quitting smoking? Here are the benefits you achieve from quitting smoking –

  • You breathe more freely and easily, as your lung capacity improves greatly
  • You feel more energetic and rejuvenated because your blood circulation improves
  • Your stress is relieved to a great extent and your body does not secrete Cortisol, a stress hormone
  • It improves your sexual function, erectile abilities and sensitivity
  • It enhances fertility by improving the secretion of testosterone (in men) and oestrogen (in women)
  • It improves your senses; you will experience good sense of taste and smell
  • You will start looking young and fresh, as quitting smoking restores oxygen supply to your skin
  • You will have whiter teeth and refreshing breath
  • Your life expectancy increases as you your overall health improves
  • Your risk of getting cancer and other life-threatening diseases decreases significantly

Smoking cessation is not easy; you need sheer determination and dedication. Talk to a counsellor who can help you with a quit-smoking plan. Additionally, you may require anti-smoking aids such as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), e-cigarettes and medications.

At PharmacyOutlet, you can browse through a wide range of products that help you to quit smoking. However, make sure you talk to a GP before choosing a therapy.

Know About Iron Supplements

Iron supplements are often prescribed for correcting and preventing iron deficiency anaemia (IDA). IDA is a condition in which a person lacks iron in the blood. Iron is an important element that is required by your body to make haemoglobin, a blood product that carries oxygen in the bloodstream and helps make red blood cells.

A simple blood test is what you undergo to diagnose iron deficiency anaemia. If you have IDA, it means that your body is unable provide enough oxygen to the vital organs. Lack of oxygen in the body can cause breathlessness, dizziness, headache, palpitations and fatigue.

Iron is usually found in many foods, but there are conditions where people fail to get enough iron through food alone. In such cases, an iron supplement could prove beneficial, which is available in the form of tablets, capsules, oral liquids and oral drops.

Before you start using an iron supplement, it is imperative that you consult your doctor. Inform your doctor if you are under any treatment with OTC/prescription medicines, herbal products or supplements. More importantly, tell about the history of medicinal allergies.

Use iron supplement as directed by your medical professional and follow all the instructions carefully. For proper absorption of iron in the blood, make sure you take the dose an hour before food. However, if you feel dizzy or queasy after taking an iron supplement, have some food to reduce gastric irritation. Take your dose(s) at the same time each day without missing or skipping. If you miss a dose, take it as soon as possible, but avoid taking two doses at a time.

The duration of the course of therapy usually depends on your blood iron levels. Keep in mind that iron supplements can alter your stools colour, which is harmless. Do not exceed the dose; otherwise, overdose will increase the risk of adverse effects. Very few people may experience side effects.

Period Pain Affects Women’s Working Life

Many women will not be surprised by knowing the fact that more than half of working women are greatly affected by period pain. It affects their abilities to do their work at office.

Many of them report feeling exhausted and demotivated when their menstrual period is due, while some of them find they actually work better at that time.

This is probably due to variation in the reaction to hormonal changes before and during their menstrual cycle.

Before, during and after period, a woman’s body undergoes hormonal changes that have direct impact on the physical as well mental health. The two important female sexual hormones viz. oestrogen and progesterone can change the brain’s function. They may affect motivation and feeling. Some may feel best at work, while some may feel drained out.

However, if menstruation is associated with severe pain, it will definitely affect your physical and mental agility. Pain is usually experienced due to increased secretion of prostaglandin in the body. And this happens due to contraction of uterine muscles.

Menstrual cramps or dysmenorrhoea can affect your lifestyle. To help ease period pain, follow these steps –

  • Improve your diet – Rely on fresh fruits and vegetables; avoid junk and fatty foods
  • Pop an OTC painkiller such as Ibuprofen or Naproxen
  • Look for fish oil or vitamin B and magnesium supplement
  • Aromatherapy – Massage with essential oils
  • Warm applications with heat pads or wraps
  • Have herbal teas

These simple steps would help ease period pain. However, if you experience severe pain, see you GP right away. This will help rule out any underlying gynaecological issues.

At PharmacyOulet, you can acquire OTC medicines that are quite beneficial in treating period pain. Just make sure you talk to your doctor before taking any kind of medicine for alleviating period pain.

Overcome Cold and Flu With Benylin Max Strength Capsules

Although cold and flu have similar symptomatology, they are quite different from each other. People refer cold as flu, but usually they simply have cold. Factually, we get a cold once in a year and occasionally we fall sick due to flu.

If you have symptoms such as runny or stuffy nose, sore throat and headache, you are more likely to have a nasty cold and should get adequate rest to recover. However, if the aforementioned symptoms are associated with high-grade fever with body pains, you may have flu.

Cold and flu are usually caused by viruses, which are untreatable with antibiotics. You need a medicine that can help relieve the symptoms of cold and flu, such as Benylin Max Strength.

Benylin Cold & Flu Max Strength Capsules are actively composed of an antipyretic or analgesic and decongestant that help relieve symptoms such as fever, sore throat, headache, body pains and runny or stuffy nose. This medicine helps unblock airways and reduce drowsiness so that you can move on with your day.

How the medicine works?

  • Paracetamol (antipyretic/analgesic) – Brings down fever, aches or pains and headaches
  • Phenylephrine (decongestants) – Reduces swelling of blood vessels in nasal passages, helping you breathe freely
  • Caffeine (stimulant) – Combats fatigue and drowsiness

Appropriate Usage

It is essential that you talk to your GP before using Benylin Cold & Flu Max Strength Capsule. The dosage for adults is two tablets every four hours, or as directed by physician. Do not exceed the dose by more than four doses a day. It is not indicated for anyone who is less than 12 years of age. Just swallow the pills with a glass full of water. Do not chew, break or crush the pill; consume them wholly.

If your cold or flu symptoms persist or aggravate even after proper use, you must contact your GP right away. Get immediate medical assistance if you experience any unwanted symptoms after dosage, such as skin rash, vomiting, swelling of face and breathlessness.

You can acquire Benylin Cold & Flu Max Strength Capsules through PharmacyOutlet after checking with your GP.

Basics Of Baby Hair Care

Baby’s hair care regime should be carried out with utmost care and caution. Make sure you take special care while taking care of your baby’s hair, especially while washing, oiling and combing.

Usually, after birth, baby does not have too much of hair on his head. However, few newborns have hair, which may usually shed during the first three or four months. New hairs grow after six months, which are quite soft, subtle and delicate. This can cause some problems because mothers are not sure about the appropriate hair care requirements. Find out how you can manage the task of taking care of your baby’s hair.


Younger babies do not require frequent hair wash, as they are likely to be in the house most of the times. They are not exposed to external dirt. You can wash his hair only twice a week. However, you can increase it by thrice a week if your baby suffers from cradle cap, a form of dandruff. Before washing, make sure you apply a little olive oil to his scalp.

As your baby grows, hairs grow, so you can increase the frequency of washing to three times a week. If you bathe your baby in a bathtub, make sure you wash his head at the end of the bath. This helps reduce the formation of shampoo suds and skin irritation. Remember; use only baby shampoos, do not use adult shampoos as they contain other chemicals that are not suitable for a baby’s sensitive scalp. Make sure you rub gently and prevent the shampoo from entering your baby’s eyes.


Babies’ hairs are full of tangle and correcting combing them would be a big task, as they scream and cry. Use a paddle brush or wide-tooth comb. If you face problems in combing your baby’s hair, use a gel or cream. You may start trimming your baby’s hair when he is a year old. Make sure your child is awake and relaxed before planning a haircut.

Managing baby hair care is a bit tricky. So be patient and realize with what things he is comfortable with