Why Should I Order Prescriptions Online?

order prescriptions online

In recent years, healthcare in the UK has made monumental progress. Before the invention of NHS Electronic Prescriptions Service, there were limited options experts could offer for someone with chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, long-standing backache, depression, etc. However, there is a lot medical experts can do now.

Nowadays, patients are being diagnosed with health conditions sooner and experts are increasingly identifying the risks of such conditions, which require them to take medications regularly and help them to stay away from medical complications. Medications for chronic health conditions have to be taken regularly and you need to be in touch with your GP practice and pharmacy constantly to get the supply.

If patients fail to take their regular medicines as prescribed, they are leaving their health at potential risk of harm. For instance, not taking diabetes medicine regularly can increase the risk of developing long-term complications related to heart, nerves, kidneys, and eyes.

What can you do to get your repeat medicines on time?
First, it is imperative to consult a GP practice and undergo a medical assessment. If you are diagnosed with a chronic condition that needs regular treatment, your prescriber will issue you a prescription. You need to show this prescription to your pharmacist to get your medicine.

Next time when you need a new supply, you visit your GP practice, pick up a repeat prescription slip, drop it off at your pharmacy, wait in the store and get the new supply. This can be time-consuming and not always convenient. There is an alternative for you – the NHS Electronic Prescriptions Service (EPS).

The EPS enables your GP practice to send your repeat prescriptions to your pharmacy so that you do not require visiting your GP practice each time to pick up a paper script. Everything is done through the internet. Once the prescription reaches your pharmacy electronically, your medication is dispensed; you need to simply walk in and get your supply, without waiting in the store. Remember that you must nominate a pharmacy to use the EPS.

Some pharmacies even offer you free delivery. For example, PharmacyOutlet, an online pharmacy, offers the NHS Electronic Prescription Service to fulfil your repeat prescription needs. Once it collects your repeat prescriptions, it dispenses and delivers your medication right to your door without any extra cost. This is the reason why you should order prescriptions online.

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