Importance Of First Aid

First aid is an instant assistance given to a sick of injured person who is in the need of urgent medical assistance. First aid applies to a wide range of medical situations. It is the ability to assess the condition and make proper decisions to bring up cure.

Preparation is an important element of the first aid. First aid kit contains basic medicines and medical products that are useful in managing emergency conditions, such as injury, cuts, burns, trauma, etc.

Travellers should prepare to administer first aid in places they plan to visit. This means packing a standard first aid kit with usage manual. For instance, a kit should contain medicines to prevent nausea or motion sickness, diarrhoea and flu. At the same time, a travel medicine kit should contain insect repellent to prevent mosquito or insect bites, especially if travellers are going to remote areas. It is also essential for travellers to learn how to reach emergency services by telephone.

The most important part is to be prepared to administer emergency first aid such as abdominal thrusts and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), as first aid is also required in cases of stroke, heart attack, seizures, nosebleed and allergic reactions. Other situations that need first aid skills are environmental injuries like sunburn, poison ivy, heat exhaustion, frostbite and insect stings or bites. Traumatic injuries such as strains, sprains, wounds and cuts need creams, bandages and plasters.

If you are not skilled how to administer first aid, you can find a medical emergency number for immediate medical assistance.

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Everyone will need to utilise a first aid kit at some point of time. So make time to prepare home first aid kit for you and your family’s safety.


Foot Care Is Essential

Your feet are your companion, they help you move, help you stand up and help you ground. Taking care of your feet is essential, as there are few foot issues that can make you feel miserable. Your feet need tender, love and care to keep them strong, soft and free from any issues.

Common foot problems include –

  • Corn & Callouses
  • Bunion
  • Fungal nail infections
  • Gout
  • Plantar warts
  • Athlete’s foot

Get rid of these foot issues and take care of your feet with following steps –

  • Smoothen your feet – Use foot file or pumice stone on damp heels and callouses. You can use heel creams or balms that contain salicylic acid to overcome corns and callous.
  • Moisturise – Dry and cracked heels are very painful so moisturise them with a superior quality moisturiser. Use creams that contain petroleum, emollient and lactic acid.
  • Get support – Feet sores are common when you stand or walk for a longer period so wear insoles in your shoes to keep your feet comfortable. Use silicone-based insoles or foot fads get real support.
  • Combat fungus – Toenail fungus is a common problem. It can be treated by using antifungal powders, creams, lotions and sprays. Make sure you use them after seeking proper medical advice.
  • Wear sunscreen – Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF of at least 30 to avoid tanning.
  • Pedicure – Pedicure is a technique that can help prevent hangnails and ingrown toenails.

In addition to these steps, you can follow basic foot care remedies. Wash your feet daily with warm water, wear socks and shoes all the time, protect your feet from cold and heat, and be active. Diabetics should take care of their blood sugar levels in order to stay away from diabetic foot or gangrene.

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Upset Stomach Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Upset stomach, also known as dyspepsia or indigestion, is a term used to describe pain or discomfort in the upper region of the abdomen. It is not a disease but a group of symptoms that include nausea, burping and bloating. Upset stomach is often caused by excessive secretion of stomach acid. The acid irritates and inflames the protective stomach lining, which trigger indigestion symptoms.


Upset stomach is related to lifestyle and diet. It can also be caused by certain digestive conditions and infection. Binge eating, overeating, eating spicy and fatty foods, consuming too much of alcohol and caffeinated beverages or fizzy drinks, and smoking can cause upset stomach. Digestive disorders like gallstones, oesophagitis, obesity, pancreatitis, peptic ulcers and gastric infection are responsible for causing dyspepsia.


Many people with upset stomach experience pain and discomfort in the chest and stomach area. Pain aggravates soon after eating or drinking. Following are the symptoms of indigestion –

  • Nausea
  • Belching
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Regurgitation
  • Burning sensation


Treatment of upset stomach usually deepens on the cause and severity of the symptoms. Diet and lifestyle changes can help ease the symptoms, such as eating healthy foods and avoiding smoking, alcohol and caffeinated beverages. Medications helpful in treating upset stomach are –

  • Antacids – OTC medicines that supress acid secretion in order to relieve upset stomach
  • H2-receptor antagonist – Ranitidine is a common medicine used for treating indigestion
  • Proton Pump Inhibitors – There are few and Pantaprazole is one of the commonly prescribed medicines
  • Antibiotics – Prescribed when gastric infection is suspected to be caused by Helicobacter Pylori

If your symptoms of upset stomach persist even after using any of the abovementioned medicines, it is essential to visit your doctor to identify and correct the underlying cause. Through PharmacyOutlet, you can acquire medicines for upset stomach treatment. Make sure you consult doctor before using any medication.

Sleeping Aids Can Help

Suffering from insomnia or sleep deprivation? Are you one of those who stare at ceiling, think about work, or bills or future constantly in the middle of the night? If yes, probably you should know about certain things that can bring a peaceful sleep. You may reach for sleeping aids, but it is important to know about the duration of therapy and usage.

If you are desperate to get some sleep, it is always tempting to approach sleeping pills and you may get them in a moment. However, if you have long-standing sleeping problem, it is important to seek medical help. Natural sleeping aids help you get sleep without producing any side effects like synthetic drugs. Consider dietary supplements that contain following ingredients –

  • Valerian – A dietary supplement used since ancient times for treating insomnia and nervousness
  • Chamomile – A traditional herb that combats insomnia and other health issues
  • Melatonin – A hormone that is secreted by pineal gland in the brain, which helps regulate sleep

However, clinical studies have not proven the efficacy of natural sleeping aids, but that doesn’t mean they won’t make you sleep. According to experts, many people with insomnia find these supplements effective.

It is imperative that you use FDA-approved dietary supplement. More importantly, you should use them after consulting your GP – general practitioner. Some supplements can interact adversely with certain medicines to produce unwanted side effects.

Over-the-counter (OTC) sleeping aids are also effective. Doxylamine, Diphenhydramine and Acetaminophen are common OTC sleep medicines. These medicines are ought to be used only after seeking proper medical assistance.

Remember, sleeping pills can produce side effects, so be careful. Do not overdose with herbal or synthetic medicines.

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Cold & Cough Medications

Common cold is probably one of the most common ailments experienced by millions of people. Everyone knows the signs and symptoms of common cold – sneezing, stuffy nose, sore throat and cough. What to do when you catch cold? Besides drinking warm water and rest, you may need medicines that promote healing promptly. There are different types of cold and cough medications and they act differently to bring up cure.

Cold usually starts with a sore throat and then you experience sneezing, runny nose, cough and fatigue. If your cough is severe with yellowish or greenish expectoration, probably you have a bacterial infection. The aforementioned symptoms can also indicate an allergic condition related to nose i.e. allergic rhinitis. So it is important to diagnose the condition before using any cold and cough medicines, which is possible after consulting a medical professional.

Typically, cold and cough medications include –

  • Cough suppressants
  • Expectorants
  • Antihistamines
  • Nasal decongestants
  • Pain relievers

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Certain airborne viruses are known to cause common cold and flu, so antibiotics are of no use. Generally, colds and coughs do not need any specific treatment. Drinking plenty of fluid with proper rest helps reduce the symptoms. Painkiller like Paracetamol helps reduce fever. Antihistamines treat allergic condition. Nasal irrigation with saline water clears nasal blockage. Lozenges soothe sore throat. Vapour rubs are another effective therapy. In children, sucking a menthol lozenge can help ease the symptoms.

All these types of cough and cold medicines are available without providing medical prescription. However, it is imperative to consult doctor before using any medicine.