The Advantages of Sending Prescriptions Electronically

The Advantages of Sending Prescriptions Electronically

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) introduced by the NHS, which allows a doctor to send prescriptions electronically to a dispenser. The service removes the need for paper prescription, thereby saving the environment.

The EPS allows prescribers, such as GPs, nurses and other medical professionals, to send prescriptions electronically to a high street or online pharmacy of the patient’s choice. The service makes prescribing and dispensing process very easy, convenient and efficient for doctors, pharmacists as well as patients.

Here are the advantages:

  • A GP practice can process prescriptions efficiently, can have a good control over the prescription, and can spend very little time dealing with the problems related to prescription.
  • A pharmacy professional can now process prescription efficiently, can spend less time sorting out paper scripts, can have less paper work, and can have improved control over the medicine stock.
  • With NHS Electronic Prescription Service, patients can collect their prescription directly from the pharmacy. They do not have paper prescriptions to lose and need not require waiting in the pharmacy store. Patients can receive their prescriptions to their home with an online pharmacy such as Pharmacy Outlet.

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service offered by Pharmacy Outlet is safe, reliable and confidential.

You need not require seeing your GP or waiting in the pharmacy store to collect your prescription if you get affiliated with Pharmacy Outlet. Everything is done online and you get your prescription delivered at your preferred address, let it be home or office.

If you would like to nominate Pharmacy Outlet, just register and create an account. Alternatively, you can call the customer support team on 03333 222 400.

The free reminder service of this online pharmacy will inform you about your medication due through a mail. Pharmacy Outlet makes necessary arrangements to let your GP send prescriptions electronically.

The process is quite easy and quick. All you need to do is nominate Pharmacy Outlet to get started with the electronic prescription service.

Pharmacy Outlet also offers other prescription services such as NHS prescriptions and private prescriptions.

Visit the website or call 03333 222 400 to get more information on prescription services offered by the Pharmacy Outlet.


Repeat Prescription Service: FAQs

Repeat Prescription Service FAQs

When patients suffer from chronic disease and need regular medicine, the GP can allow them to order repeat prescription online on nominating a dispenser. The best way of doing this is to reorder repeat prescriptions via an online pharmacy, Pharmacy Outlet.

Patients need to register for the Repeat Prescription Service, which is called “nomination”. You can reorder your repeat prescription just by sitting on you couch. Using this prescription service will prevent unwanted trips to your doctor, saving you time.

Here are the frequently asked questions:

How should I get to know whether the medication is on the repeat prescription?

Your GP will issue you a white slip attached with a green slip that contains the repeat medicines you need. If you need a repeat prescription, please check with your GP.

Are there any alternative to order my repeat prescription?

Yes, you can order repeat prescription if you have an internet access, which is so far the best way to fulfil your prescription. You can nominate an internet chemist such as Pharmacy Outlet and request it to get your prescription from your GP electronically. This will save you time and unnecessary waiting at the pharmacy.

Can one use electronic prescription service for single prescription?

Yes. You can need to speak to your doctor and pharmacy professional, who will be able to guide through the electronic prescription service for single prescription.

Can I get my repeat prescription if I’m going on a vacation?

This is not an issue; you are advised to drop off your request with a valid reason to get your medicines in such circumstance.

How much time it takes to process a repeat prescription?

It takes around two working days to process a repeat prescription. This is a standard time required to process a repeat prescription, as pharmacies need time to get prescription from your doctor to evaluate and sign the request.

What should I do if I run out of supply?

In such situation, you can get your repeat prescription, but you need to talk to your GP and pharmacy professional. However, you will get only two days of supply and then you can re-order right away to get the medicine.

Please note that you need to order well in advance so that you do not run out of the supply.

You Can Rely On Repeat Prescription Online Service To Get Your Medicine

You Can Rely On Repeat Prescription Online Service To Get Your Medicine

You can now order and manage your repeat prescription online and get it delivered through Pharmacy Outlet.

Pharmacy Outlet is the registered UK online pharmacy that supplies medicines approved by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency). It is owned and managed by Pharmacentric Limited, which is located at 40 London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9AA.

You can get the repeat prescription online from Pharmacy Outlet, if your GP is registered with GMC and practices in England. The pharmacy will manage your repeat prescription online for you. To get started, speak to the helpful team on 03333 222 400.

NHS repeat prescription online service is ideal if you are busy with your hectic work schedule, or do not want to make frequent trips to your doctor or high street pharmacy.

The Pharmacy Outlet Repeat Prescription Online Service works simply to manage your on-going or repeat prescription needs. This flexible service allows your medicine to be delivered to your preferred address or workplace in England. Moreover, the Pharmacy Outlet’s free reminder service through email helps you to enjoy complete peace of mind, as it will prevent you from running out of your medicine while managing chronic problems.

Pharmacy Outlet understands that managing repeat prescriptions can be tedious, time-consuming and inconvenient. Keeping this thing in mind, Pharmacy Outlet offers an easy, quick and hassle-free repeat prescription online service.

The service can also be used for fulfilling your single prescription; hwoeber, it cannot be used for private prescriptions or veterinary prescriptions.

By selecting the Pharmacy Outlet’s repeat prescription online service, you can get your medicine delivered at your preferred address, without any extra cost.

Nominate Pharmacy Outlet and start reaping the benefits of the repeat prescription online service!

Understanding The NHS Electronic Prescription Service

Understanding The NHS Electronic Prescription Service

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is the most convenient service introduced by the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. It allows a GP to send the prescriptions to a nominated pharmacy electronically.

It was started in April 2013 in a very small group of doctors and pharmacies, but now, there are many GP practices taking part and pharmacies offering the EPS.

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service allows a GP practice to move to a completely paperless system. This means you can select where to send your prescription to collect or get medication.

The advantages of EPS are that the pharmacy can dispense your medicine before you arrive without much wait, or you can select a pharmacy that is near to you or an internet pharmacy that can deliver your medicine right to your home.

You will no longer receive a paper prescription of your repeat medication, but rest assure that the way your medicine is dispensed and how you get it will be the same.

The service is right for you if you have a stable condition and avoid vising your GP every time to collect a paper prescription. It is right for you if you collect your medicine from the same pharmacy at all times and already use a prescription collection service.

However, you cannot the NHS electronic prescription service if you do not get your prescriptions very often, or pick up your medications from different pharmacies.

Pharmacy Outlet, a renowned pharmaceutical company, can do more than just managing your prescription. It can offer you healthcare support for long-standing conditions through the service known as PharmaDoctor.

The pharmacy will send you an email alert about your next prescription due so that you do not run out of supply. More importantly, you will receive your prescription within a stipulated time without any extra cost.

Pharmacy Outlet understands that finding a pharmacy that offers the best service is imperative. With a broad range of medicines and medical products, Pharmacy Outlet is the best choice of online pharmacy to fulfil your medicinal needs through the NHS Electronic Prescription Service.

Get Private Prescription Online Via Pharmacy Outlet

Get Private Prescription Online Via Pharmacy Outlet 1

If your GP has issued a private prescription, you can have your medicine dispensed and delivered by Pharmacy Outlet. Usually, it is not easy to find time to visit a high street pharmacy and collect your medicine. Keeping this inconvenience in mind, Pharmacy Outlet aims to help you get your prescription medicine through an online doctor servicePharmaDoctor.

With Pharmacy Outlet, you will be able to order your private prescription online just by sitting on your couch and get the medicine delivered right to your home or office.

Ordering private prescription online via Pharmacy Outlet is very simple. If you already carry a private prescription, call one of the pharmacy professionals on 03333 222 400, who will be able explain you how to receive your medicine. Pharmacy Outlet offers free delivery on order above £40 made through private prescription, within the UK.

A GP is not restricted to offer the minimum numbers of pills or the cheapest treatment with a private prescription. In fact, your GP would offer more than one medicine on the same prescription. For example, he can prescribe a combination of impotence medicines such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, allowing him to evaluate various medicines and determine which medicine suits you best.

Pharmacy Outlet works in association with PharmaDoctor to offer patients the private prescription online service. The affiliated GP will be happy to prescribe you different medicines under same prescription, giving you the chance to try different medications.

A qualified doctor registered either with the General Medical Council (GMC) or with an equivalent governing body in the UK can offer you a private prescription.

Register with Pharmacy Outlet to get your medicines delivered to your home via private prescription. If you have any questions related to the private prescription online service of Pharmacy Outlet, call 03333 222 400 or send a mail to

Understanding Repeat Prescription Online Service

Understanding Repeat Prescription Online Service

What is a repeat prescription? It is a medicine prescribed by your GP on your prescription script. A repeat prescription can be supplied for certain duration regularly without the need to visiting your GP each time.

Typically, a repeat prescription is authorised only for 6 or 12 months. However, the period may vary with the type of medicament prescribed and at the GP’s discretion.

Your GP will issue you the first prescription that contains two parts – the green slip and the white slip. The “green” slip is the actual prescription, which you submit to your pharmacist to collect your medicine, the “white” slip shows the list of medicines you order regularly for a specific period. The white slip is also called the repeat re-order form.

You need to tick the medicines that you need regularly to manage chronic condition, on your GP’s consent. With this slip, you can re-order your repeat prescription online.

Many pharmacists offer a prescription collection service from your prescribing GP. An online prescription is one of the most important tools that can be shared between your GP practice and pharmacist to help you collect your regular medicine without paying a visit to your GP. It is important to discuss with your GP and your pharmacist to understand how electronic prescription or repeat prescription online service works.

It is very important that you order your repeat prescription online at least two working days before running out of supply. If you run out of your supply and need it urgently, you can check with you GP who will be able to offer you a prescription medicine in emergency. However, this will depend on your GP’s availability to sign a prescription.

If you should use the same medication regularly, you can reap the benefits of repeat prescription online from your nominated pharmacy. This means you do not need go to your GP or make a call each time when need your prescription medicine. You can get your repeat prescription medicine right to your home through an online pharmacy such as Pharmacy Outlet.

Pharmacy Outlet is a registered online pharmacy that offers free repeat prescription online service. You must nominate Pharmacy Outlet or call 03333 222 400 to get started with the repeat prescription online service.

Order Prescriptions Online For Prescription Impotence Meds

Order Prescriptions Online For Prescription Impotence Meds

Do you know you can order prescriptions online for prescription impotence medicines from Pharmacy Outlet by consulting the online doctor service, PharmaDoctor?

The online prescription for impotence medicine is written by a GMC (General Medical Council) registered UK physician. All the impotence meds listed on Pharmacy Outlet are approved by the MHRA; hence, they are safe and effective.

Pharmacy Outlet is owned and operated by Pharmacentric Limited, which is situated at 40 London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9AA.

Impotence medications such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra can be bought from Pharmacy Outlet with total confidentiality. If you suffer from erection problem, PharmaDoctor can offer you MHRA-approved impotence meds such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. By consulting PharmaDoctor, you can order prescriptions online for impotence meds through private prescription.

Order your impotence medicine from the discreet and confidential online service of Pharmacy Outlet and have it delivered to your home. Make sure you provide exact details of your prescription, phone number, email ID and UK address.

If you have a private prescription, Pharmacy Outlet requests you to provide contact details of your GP who has issued you the prescription for impotence medicine.

About Impotence

Most men will experience some degree of impotence at some point in their lives, as it is often a natural part of ageing. While there are a few physical and psychological conditions causing impotence, it is mainly caused by reduced blood supply to the penile organ. One should seek medical attention for this sexual condition.

Impotence medicines work by relaxing the muscles and dilating the arteries so that the blood supply to the penile organ increases, enabling an erection.

Impotence is one of the common embarrassing ailments and many men silently suffer from it, without undergoing any treatment. Although it can be a difficult condition to deal with, seeking medical help is necessary to finding a right solution.

If you have this coadoption and hesitate to see a doctor, PharmaDoctor, an online doctor service, can help you cope with impotence without feeling embarrassed.