Start Using The NHS Electronic Prescription Service


The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is introduced by the National Health Service (NHS) across UK. EPS allows your GP to send your prescription to your nominated pharmacy through IT systems (online).

It was started in April 2013 in a very small group of doctors and pharmacies; however, there are now many practices and pharmacies taking part in and offering the service.

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service will allow your GP practice to move to a completely paperless system. This means you have the choice of where to send your prescription to get your repeat medication.

The benefits of EPS are that the chemist will be able to dispense your medicine before you arrive, without have to waiting for longer hours. Alternatively, you can choose an online pharmacy that can deliver your medicine right at your doorstep.

You will no longer receive a paper script of your regular medicine, but you can rest assure that the way your medication is dispensed and how you receive them will be the same.

The service is right for you if you have stable condition and do not wish to see your doctor each time to collect a paper script. It is right for you if you get your regular medicine from the same pharmacy at all times and already use the NHS prescription collection service.

The NHS electronic prescription service is not for you if you do not get regular prescriptions from your GP and pick up your medication from different places. It is also not advised to some who travel or work away from home regularly and get their medicine from different pharmacies.

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Pharmacy Outlet can do more than just fulfilling your prescriptions. It can offer you medical support for chronic conditions via the service called PharmaDoctor, the UK’s registered online doctor service. Plus, this online pharmacy will send you email about your prescription due so you do not run out of your medication. More importantly, you will receive your prescription within a stipulated time with free delivery.

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Use Repeat Prescription Online To Get Your Regular Medication


A repeat prescription is nothing but a medicine that your GP advises on your prescription script. The prescription can be supplied for a certain period of time on a regular basis, without actually visiting your GP each time.

Usually, repeat prescriptions are authorised for a period of six to 12 months. However, the duration varies with the type of medication prescribed and on the GP’s discretion.

Your GP will write you the first prescription that comprises of two parts viz. the “green” slip (actual prescription) and the “white” slip. You give the green slip to your pharmacist to collect your medication, while white slip contains the list of medicines that you order regularly for a specific period. The white slip is also called the repeat re-order form.

You just need to tick the medicines that you need on a regular basis on your GP’s consent, and then you will be able to re-order your repeat prescription online.

Many pharmacists offer a prescription collection service from your GP. An electronic prescription is an important online prescription that is shared between your prescribing GP and pharmacist to help you get your medications without visiting your GP. You must speak to your GP and the pharmacist to know how electronic prescription or repeat prescription online service works.

It is important that you order repeat prescription online at least two working days before running out of medicine. If you fail to do so, you must speak to your doctor who can offer you a prescription medication urgently in such case. However, this may depend on the availability of a GP to sign a prescription.

If you should use the same medicine on a regular basis, you can reap the benefits of repeat prescription online from your nominated chemist such as Pharmacy Outlet. This means you do not require visiting your GP or make a call each time you require your prescription medication. You can get your repeat prescription straight to your home through an online pharmacy such as Pharmacy Outlet.

Pharmacy Outlet is the GPhC registered online pharmacy that supplies MHRA approved medicine. It also offers free repeat prescription online service for patients who reside in England.

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Frequently Asked Questions About The NHS Electronic Prescription Service


The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) enables your prescriptions to be sent by your GP to the pharmacy through IT systems.

It allows one to save time and money by preventing frequent visits to a GP to collect paper script and to a pharmacy to pick up medication.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about EPS:

Can a GP issue online prescription via the NHS Electronic Prescription Service?

In England, a GMC (General Medical Council) registered GP is entitled to provide online prescription for a certain period. The pharmacy you choose and nominate will arrange your prescription from the prescribing GP electronically.

Can a nurse assisting a GP issue prescriptions online?

Yes, a community practitioner nurse, a supplementary nurse prescriber or an independent nurse prescriber assisting a GP practice is eligible to issue online prescription via the EPS as long as they have precise roles with GMC registered GP.

How can I order prescription online in future?

The arrangement made to order prescriptions online is agreed locally. For example, some GP practices and pharmacies accept repeat prescriptions through phone, email, fax or any other IT systems, while some require patients to provide a paper script. You can ask your GP or pharmacist about how to order prescriptions online using the NHS electronic prescription service.

Is the service free?

Although you need to pay for the medicines that are ordered through the EPS, you can order prescription and get your them delivered without any charge.

Is EPS reliable and confidential?

Unquestionably, yes. The NHS Electronic Prescription Service is absolutely safe and reliable. Nobody can have an access to your online prescriptions, except your prescribing GP, dispensing pharmacist and NHS authorities. You can reply on this service and order prescriptions online through Pharmacy Outlet.

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Electronic Prescription Service – Pharmacy Outlet

Send Prescriptions Electronically To Pharmacy Outlet & Get Free Delivery

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is a free service introduced by the National Health Service (NHS). It reduces the need for you to visit your GP surgery just to collect a paper script of medication.

You have the right to select the place you would want to send your prescriptions and collect your medicine. Choosing a pharmacy to process your EPS is called “nomination”. One can choose the most convenient pharmacy that is near to your home or office.

The GP practice and chemist can record your nomination for you, which is flexible. You can even change or cancel the nomination at any time after seeking medical advice.

Once you nominate the pharmacy, your GP will send your prescription electronically to the place you choose in England. Your prescription is sent by your GP with the help of NHS secure database. It will only be seen by your prescribing doctor, pharmacy and NHS authorities.

Your nominated pharmacy will receive the online prescription to dispense your medication. The prescription is an electronic message, so there is no paper prescription to lose.

Benefits to GPs

  • they can process prescriptions more efficiently and easily
  • they can have good control on managing the prescription
  • they can spend less time dealing with prescription questions

Benefits to Pharmacists

  • they can process single and repeat prescriptions more efficiently
  • they can send less time sorting paper scripts and have no or less paper work to send to the NHS
  • they can have improved control over the medicine stock

Benefits to Patients

  • they can collect their prescriptions directly from the pharmacy they choose without having to visit their GP
  • they will not have a paper prescription to lose
  • they need not require spending more time waiting at the pharmacy

The Electronic Prescription Service is extremely reliable, secure and confidential. Pharmacy Outlet offers the NHS Electronic Prescription Service. To nominate Pharmacy Outlet, get started with the electronic prescription service.

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Order Prescriptions Online From Pharmacy Outlet


In recent times, healthcare has made an immense progress. Before the invention of online prescriptions, there was not a great opportunity for people to manage chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, depression, etc. However, nowadays, a lot has changed and there is a lot patients can do.

We have numerous options and effective ways to meet our healthcare needs, which can help improve the survival chance and prevent further complications.

People are now aware of the fact that regular medication for chronic conditions could help manage the condition efficiently, thereby increasing the life expectancy rate. If you take regular medicine to manage your chronic condition, you can order prescriptions online just by sitting on your couch. This can really help a patient continue with their treatment, preventing further medical complications.

All you need to do is speak to your GP surgery and request for a repeat prescription so that you get your medicine. You can ask your pharmacist to collect the prescription online from your GP. If you want to order prescriptions online, you must nominate a website that offers online pharmacy service.

The pharmacist will receive your prescriptions from your GP by electronic means. The pharmacist will then be able to dispense your prescription and offer free home delivery.

Remember that you need to check with your GP or nurse first to get more information on online prescription service. Your GP will prescribe you the medicine and explain you why it has been started and how you need use it.

One can order prescriptions online at any time and from anywhere in the England. It saves time and money. Make use of a computer, smartphone or tablet to order prescriptions online from an online chemist such as Pharmacy Outlet.

You can even check what medication you should be taking, and ask your doctor to take medication off your prescription if you do not need it anymore.

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Can I Get Viagra Through Repeat Prescription NHS?


Is Viagra available on the NHS prescription?

Sildenafil, the generic version of Viagra, is available for some men through the repeat prescription NHS, under certain conditions.

It actually depends on the definition of “getting treated on the NHS”. Viagra, the brand name product of Pfizer, is not available on the NHS prescription. It can only be bought through private prescription. A GP affiliated with NHS may also charge a fee for issuing a private prescription for Viagra.

The generic version Sildenafil is available for treating Erectile Dysfunction on the NHS. It has been made available by the UK Department of Health in the year 2014 after consulting a doctor.

However, Sildenafil through NHS is not available to everybody with Erectile Dysfunction. Men with certain conditions are entitled to get Viagra on repeat prescription NHS.

Men with diabetes, polio, spinal bifida, prostate cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or Huntington’s disease are eligible for buy Viagra on the NHS prescription. It is also made available for some men who have undergone surgical interventions such as prostatectomy, pelvic surgery, kidney transplant, and haemodialysis.

The amount of generic version Sildenafil issued on the repeat prescription NHS is four pills per month. Your prescribing doctor will need to monitor your usage of the medicine and its rate of success after using it.

The most convenient and easier alternative for men who are not entitled to Sildenafil on the repeat prescription NHS is to buy Viagra online. This particular method enables them to maintain complete privacy and saves them unnecessary trips to their pharmacy.

One option that can help you get Viagra online is PharmaDoctor, an online doctor service. Pharmacy Outlet, a UK’s registered online pharmacy offers Viagra after getting prescription from PharmaDoctor.

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Want To Order Prescriptions Online UK? Check Pharmacy Outlet

Want To Order Prescriptions Online UK Check Pharmacy Outlet.jpg

Pharmacy Outlet, a UK’s registered online pharmacy, is located in Camberley, Surrey. The pharmacy has a good reputation of offering quality online pharmacy service and always finds ways to help improve patients’ health and wellbeing.

The representatives of Pharmacy Outlet will request your GP to send prescriptions online UK through IT systems. The store will deliver your repeat prescription to the address of your choice, be it home, or workplace, but only in England.

Pharmacentric Limited manages Pharmacy Outlet, which is precisely located at 40 London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9AA. The site offers a fully stocked pharmacy in association with the service to order prescriptions online. You can feel free to go through Pharmacy Outlet for more information on the Electronic Prescription Service.

The highly trained pharmacy professional team of Pharmacy Outlet is always there to provide you medication and healthcare advice. They will also try to reconcile the medicine or healthcare product requested in your prescription, making sure that you receive right items in right quantity.

The store will attempt to resolve your queries directly with your GP practice. However, sometimes, this may delay the process and delivery. Hence, it is recommended that you re-order your repeat medicine a week before running out of the supply.

If you want a certain brand of medication, please speak to the pharmacist on 03333 222 400. You may even drop a mail to

All the medicines listed on the site have a UK product license issued by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA). Pharmacy Outlet is registered with the GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Council), which offers online pharmacy service to UK citizens only. One can totally rely on this website to order prescription online UK, particularly in England.

Pharmacy Outlet, in addition, offers free reminder service to all its patients about the next prescription due, which can help them to manage chronic disease efficiently; plus, it helps avoid one running out of medicine.

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