Ordering Your Repeat Prescriptions

repeat prescription onlineIf you are on regular medication, you require repeat prescriptions issued by your GP practice so that you can show them to collect your medicines. For a safe, discreet and speedy service, repeat prescriptions have become computerised.

Thanks to the NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), your GP will be able to send your repeat prescription online to the pharmacy of your choice. This means you do not have to visit your GO just to pick up a paper prescription. In fact, your medicines are dispensed and kept for collection before even you step into the store.

The most important aspect of EPS is the nomination. You need to nominate a pharmacy to make the best use of the online repeat prescription service. You can ask your pharmacist or GP to understand about the process of nomination. Once you nominate a pharmacy, the pharmacist will collect your repeat prescription online so that he can dispense your medicines and keep them ready for collection.

Some pharmacies – such as PharmacyOutlet – offer free delivery to the address of your choice, saving you time. With an online pharmacy, you can easily order your repeat prescription online without even leaving your home.

The EPS enables your GP to send your prescriptions to your nominated pharmacy electronically, saving you time and reducing the risk of losing paper prescriptions. Your nomination is necessary to get started with the Electronic or Repeat Prescription Service.

What’s more, pharmacies offer a free reminder service after the nomination. This service allows the pharmacy to send you an email about your next prescription due, which will help you to order your repeat prescription online before nearing the end of your current supply.

It is important that you give some time to your GP and pharmacy to process a repeat prescription. It may take up to 48 hours to process your repeat prescription. Hence, most pharmacies request patients to order their repeat medications a week before running out of supply.

If you are new to the EPS, please call 03333 222 400, a pharmacy professional is waiting on the other side to make you understand the process of this NHS service.


Online Repeat Prescriptions: Information for Patients

online repeat prescriptionIn the UK, you can order online repeat prescriptions from a GMC registered pharmacy that offers the NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS). In this article, you find basic information about the online repeat prescription service introduced by the NHS England.

Patients are often encouraged to use the EPS if they need regular medication for treating their chronic health condition. They are requested to provide a re-order form (white slip) for all repeat prescriptions. Repeat prescriptions can be ordered using the right-hand side of the slip.

A repeat medication can be viewed and ordered through the EPS, which means it can be requested by nominating a pharmacy. Patients should inform their pharmacist which medication they need through the EPS. The traditional way of getting your regular medication is picking up your repeat prescription from your GP and dropping it off to your pharmacy.

The online repeat prescription service is probably one of the best ways to get your regular medication. The EPS allows your GP to send your repeat prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice, saving you time. All you need to do is go to the pharmacy and collect your medication without much waiting. Some chemists such as PharmacyOutlet offer free home delivery of your regular medications.

The NHS Repeat Prescription Service is free, safe, reliable and confidential. So, you can completely rely on this service to fulfil your repeat prescription needs. In fact, the NHS has stated that EPS would become a default option for refilling repeat prescriptions in near future.

Patients are requested to allow at least two working days for processing a repeat prescription. Pharmacies often request patients to order their repeat prescription at least a week before nearing the end of the current supply. This gives sufficient time to a GP to send the prescription electronically and a pharmacist to dispense your medication.

Nomination of a pharmacy is necessary to order online repeat prescriptions. If you want to cancel or change the nomination, you must speak to your GP and pharmacist.

If you want to order online repeat prescription through the EPS, PharmacyOutlet can help you. Call 03333 222 400 to get more information.

Why Should I Order Repeat Prescription Online From PharmacyOutlet?

order repeat prescription

If you require a repeat prescription, the process of getting your paper prescription and collecting your medications can often be inconvenient and time-consuming. At PharmacyOutlet, it is easier than ever for you to get your medications with the help of the Electronic Prescription Service, through which you can easily order repeat prescriptions online and get them delivered straight to your home.

Here are a few top reasons why you should order repeat prescriptions online:

  • You will save time

Pharmacies are usually busy, especially on the weekends. Pharmacists always do their best to fulfil your prescription needs as quickly as possible, but it takes time to process multiple prescriptions. Wouldn’t it be nice if your pharmacy comes to your home? That’s exactly what you get with PharmacyOutlet. Once your GP practice sends your repeat prescription to PharmacyOutlet, the pharmacist will send your medicines to you. You do not even require to visit your GP and the pharmacy store, saving you time.

  • The service is quick and convenient

Nominating PharmacyOutlet to order your repeat prescription online is quick and easy. Once nominated, you can order your repeat prescription online within a few minutes. What’s more, you can provide a delivery address of your choice, whether it is your home or your workplace.

  • It is safe and free to use

Your personal details and prescription information you share with PharmacyOutlet are always safe. All your private information about your repeat prescription is secured and it delivers your medicines via Royal Mail in a safe and discreet packaging. If you are exempt from paying a fee for your NHS prescriptions, the service is free for you. Remember, PharmacyOutlet dispenses repeat prescriptions in England only.

  • Free reminder service

Do you often forget to order repeat prescriptions online? If yes, then let PharmacyOutlet remind you! PharmacyOutlet will send you an email reminder about your repeat prescription due. This will help you to order your repeat prescription online before running out of old supply so that you get a new supply in time.

To find out more about PharmacyOutlet and know how to order repeat prescriptions online, you can visit the website or call 03333 222 400.

Need Regular Medication? Use The Online Repeat Prescription Service

online repeat prescription

Pharmacy Outlet, a UK’s registered online pharmacy, is committed to improving the overall process of the online repeat prescription service.

The NHS Electronic or Repeat Prescription Service allows patients to order their repeat prescriptions directly from their GP practice through the internet.

Ordering online repeat prescription is a simple and convenient way to fulfil your prescription needs. It is imperative that you sign up for the online repeat prescription service to get your medicines from a particular pharmacy on a regular basis. After registration, the pharmacy will issue a personalised login and a password that must be used by you to reap the benefits of the online repeat prescription service.

The process of this service is straightforward and allows you to order online repeat prescription at any point of time that is convenient for you. If you are not techno-savvy and do not want to use this service, you can collect your repeat prescriptions from your GP practice, drop off in the pharmacy store, and collect your medication.

Remember, you need to provide the white slip that contains the list of regular medications you need. You can even send the prescription via post to the pharmacy of your choice.

If you need any kind of assistance while using the online repeat prescription service, please check with your GP practice or ask your pharmacist.

Encouraging patients to order repeat prescription will certainly free up time at GP’s clinic and pharmacies so that they can focus more on those patients who want extra assistance with their medical treatments. It also helps them to have good control over prescription. This will also help prevent over-ordering and stockpiling of the medication.

Please note that the method of collection, dispensing, and delivery of your medicine from your pharmacy will remain the same; it is just the ordering process that changes.

You must give some time for the pharmacy to process your online repeat prescription. The pharmacy you nominate will need at least two working days to dispense your repeat prescriptions.

Pharmacy Outlet offers the online repeat prescription service that helps you to order your repeat medicine with utmost ease and comfort.