Get Private Prescription Online For ED Medicines in UK

Get-Private-Prescription-Online-For-ED-Medicines-in-UKIt is essential to provide a valid prescription in order to get ED medicines online in the UK.

Pharmacy Outlet is affiliated with an online doctor service, PharmaDoctor, in order to provide you private prescription online for erectile dysfunction treatment. PharmaDoctor offers patients with an online consultation for certain prescription-only medications, including ED medicines such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.

If your GP practice has issued a prescription for a particular medicine to treat erectile dysfunction, you can get it online by consulting the private prescription service offered by the PharmaDoctor and Pharmacy Outlet.

If you do not have a prescription, you can still order an ED medicine by consulting one of the registered GMC doctors via PharmaDoctor. All you need to do is complete a short medical questionnaire and choose your ED treatment. PharmaDoctor will go through the details and approve an ED medicine if found suitable. With the private prescription online service, you need to pay for the medication and get it delivered to your home.

PharmaDoctor is one of the reliable online GP services for getting a private prescription online. Here are a few reasons why can rely on this online doctor service:

  • You can order private prescription online without any hassle
  • You will have a safe, discreet and confidential online doctor consultation with one of the GMC registered GPs
  • Safe, secured and discreet online payment
  • Next day delivery of medicine is also available

If a GP associated with PharmaDoctor issues you a private prescription for an ED medicine, you can get it delivered through Pharmacy Outlet to your preferred address in UK. The process is very simple and convenient. Moreover, this service is cheaper than the local pharmacy.

Pharmacy Outlet offers free delivery on orders made above £40 via the private prescription, within the UK.

You can call 03333 222 400 to learn more about the private prescription online service. Remember that a valid prescription is a legal requirement to get any prescription ED medicine online.

Use The Electronic Prescription Service Of Pharmacy Outlet


If you get regular prescriptions from your GP practice, Pharmacy Outlet can take all the hard work you face while ordering your prescriptions.

Pharmacy Outlet provides an easy and convenient service for ordering your repeat prescriptions through the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).

After completing the online registration form, you can nominate Pharmacy Outlet and get your medicine through the prescription sent by your GP practice. The pharmacy will also inform you about your next prescription due. You simply need to send the request. Once your prescription is received through the internet, the pharmacist with dispense and dispatch your medication at your home.

This means that you do not have to drop off your repeat prescription in the pharmacy store. You can send your request to Pharmacy Outlet and then it will deliver your medicine to the place you prefer. All electronic repeat prescriptions are stored securely and discreetly.

The Pharmacy Outlet’s Electronic Prescription Service also means that its pharmacist can help you with medicine queries if you are taking not enough or too much of medication.

The pharmacy offers a free prescription delivery service. All you need to do is order your online prescription electronically from your GP practice to Pharmacy Outlet. The medicine will be dispensed and delivered right to your home in a safe and discreet packaging. Delivery of the NHS electronic prescriptions is free.

Pharmacy Outlet is a registered online pharmacy based in Camberley, Surrey, which works like any other pharmacy with one distinct feature – everything is done online. You can contact the store by calling 03333 222 400 or drop an email to

This UK’s online pharmacy will also handle your single prescriptions, both NHS and private once it receives the prescription electronically.

The prescription information shared is kept strictly confidential and is protected under the Data Protection Act. The store will never share your prescription details with anyone. You can rest assure on Pharmacy Outlet to get started with the electronic prescription service.

Manage Your Repeat Prescription Online Efficiently Via Pharmacy Outlet


Pharmacy Outlet, one of the UK’s registered online pharmacies, offers the NHS Electronic Prescription Service to manage your repeat prescription online efficiently.

This online pharmacy looks after your repeat prescriptions. It saves you time on frequent trips you make to your GP practice and ensures that your medicine is kept ready when you need it.

You can simply drop off your repeat prescription at Blackwater Pharmacy, 40 London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9AA and the pharmacist will take care of the rest. Pharmacy Outlet will inform your GP practice that they will be ordering and collecting your prescriptions through the internet, avoiding unwanted trips to your GP’s office.

The pharmacist will order for you and will remind you about your next prescription due so that you get your medicine in time. Plus, you can get your medication delivered to your home.

Pharmacy Outlet uses the electronic system to manage your repeat prescription. There will be no change in the way you get your prescription medication from this online pharmacy.

The pharmacy will send you a free text about when your medicine will be delivered. Customer care is a crucial element for Pharmacy Outlet and offering the repeat prescription online service allows it to spend more time caring for patients.

You can call 03333 222 400 about your prescription queries or for any other advice or support. The Pharmacy Outlet Repeat Prescription Online Service will continue to be safe, secure, reliable & confidential.

If you do not want to use this service, please talk to the pharmacy professional on the aforementioned phone number. Please note that you can change or cancel your nomination at any time, but after talking to your GP practice and Pharmacy Outlet’s representative.

More importantly, do not forget to order your repeat prescription online one week before running out of supply. When you see that you have a week’s medicine left, place your order immediately, so that you get the medicine before the old supply finishes.

Choose Pharmacy Outlet to Order Prescriptions Online


Pharmacy Outlet is a UK’s online pharmacy that closely works in association with an online doctor service, PharmaDoctor, which can help you to order prescriptions online for certain medical conditions.

PharmaDoctor offers the online private doctor service to more than 1,000 high street pharmacies in the UK, including Pharmacy Outlet. The online doctor service is easy to use and allows the chemist to refer patients for an online consultation with a GP registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) – either through a website or through a pharmacy store.

The online doctor service is a speedily expanding market driven by the public demand for easy access to a reliable source of medications. So far, it is estimated that more than 200,000 patients are regularly using this service to order prescriptions online.

Since its inception, PharmaDoctor has issued above 70,000 prescriptions to more than 35,000 patients. There are approximately 140 medicines available through this online doctor service. The average order value is £85.

Why prefer PharmaDoctor?

  • Reduced priced on the prescription orders – a prescription charge includes the treatment cost
  • PharmaDoctor follows all the consumer legislation and offers the money back guarantee service if the medicine does not arrive
  • It is one of the cheaper consultation services in the UK
  • With this online doctor service, you have the assurance that services are audited and controlled by the regulatory bodies in the UK

PharmaDoctor is one of the independent services and treats all the pharmacies the same.

The doctor-patient system of PharmaDoctor is the advanced system in the market. The service allows easy communication to resolve any of queries related to the medicine.

It follows the Data Protection Legislation and reviews its security policy regularly. The customer service team handles both the medical and non-medical issues. The CQC surveys have found that PharmaDoctor is valued as a cost-effective online doctor service provider.

You can order prescriptions online through Pharmacy Outlet by using the online doctor service, PharmaDoctor.

Why Should I Order Prescriptions Online?


Healthcare has made a tremendous development in recent years. There was a little scope for patients with chronic ailments such as heart disease, depression, diabetes, etc. before the inception of the online prescription service. However, there is much more we can do now, as there are a lot of options and reliable sources to fulfil our prescription needs, improving the life expectancy.

Treating chronic conditions with regular medicines is important to prevent further medical complications and increase the rate of survival chances. If you are on regular treatment for treating a chronic condition, you can order prescriptions online from Pharmacy Outlet.

Ordering prescriptions online will save you time, effort and money. You can ask your pharmacist to collect your prescriptions from your doctor via the internet. But before that, you need to nominate a website or dispensing appliance contractor that offers the online pharmacy service. Your pharmacist will arrange and receive your prescription from your GP, electronically. Your medicine is then dispensed and delivered to the address of your choice for free.

You need to seek medical advice to understand how the online prescription service works. Your GP practice prescribes you medicine and will explain you why he/she has started it and how you need to use it appropriately.

You can order prescriptions online for your regular medicines at any time and from anywhere in the UK. This can save you time and money. You can use a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone to order prescriptions online from an online drug store such as Pharmacy Outlet.

You can check what medicine you should be taking and when. Plus, you can ask your GP practice to take a medicine off your prescription if you no longer use it.

Nominate Pharmacy Outlet to order prescriptions online without any fuss. Get your repeat medicines delivered free on ordering prescriptions online.

To know more about this service, call 03333 222 400 or drop an email to

The Basics of the Repeat Prescription NHS Service


If you need to take regular medication for treating your chronic condition, you can use the repeat prescriptions NHS online service with less inconvenience.

Using the repeat prescription NHS service frees up the appointments and allows the GP practice to use his time efficiently.

If you are curious and want to use the NHS Electronic Prescription Service, please speak to your GP practice and pharmacy offering the repeat prescription NHS service.

Here are the basics of the repeat prescription NHS service:

  • A repeat prescription means that you can get your regular or repeat medicines without visiting your GP frequently
  • You can order a repeat prescription when you have about one week’s medicine supply
  • Nomination is the most important aspect of this service
  • Your GP practice will send a prescription online to your nominated pharmacy through the internet
  • It takes at least 48 hours for processing your repeat prescription
  • The NHS will be able to review your repeat prescriptions, probably every six months
  • The NHS authorities will also check where your repeat prescriptions are getting delivered
  • Repeat prescriptions are usually supplied for a minimum of two months

Do not wait until you completely run out of your medicine supply. It is important that you re-order your repeat prescription online at least a week before running out of supply. This gives enough time for your pharmacist to prepare and deliver your supply.

Pharmacy Outlet is a UK’s registered online pharmacy offers the repeat prescription NHS service to patients in England. You cannot use this service to order private prescriptions or veterinary prescriptions.

The benefit of using the repeat prescription NHS service is that there is no need to visit your GP practice to pick up a paper prescription. On the contrary, your GP practice will send your repeat prescription electronically to Pharmacy Outlet, saving you time and effort.

The service is free and you can receive your medication without any charging you extra. Plus, the repeat prescription NHS service saves the environment, as it is paperless.

Nominate Pharmacy Outlet by completing a simple electronic prescription form online. Alternatively, you can call 03333 222 400 to know how the repeat prescription NHS service works.

Use The Repeat Prescription Service To Fulfil Your Prescription Needs


Many people need regular medications for a longer period to treat their chronic condition. When they need a new supply of their regular medication from their GP, it can be done by using the repeat prescription service. To use the repeat prescription service, you must be organised. However, once you get used to this online service, it is quite straightforward.

Do not wait to re-order your repeat prescription until you run out of your supply. When you notice that you have just a week’s supply left, place your order, so that you can have your medicine before the old supply runs out.

First, you need to place your order at your GP practice. You will have an ordering script that is attached to your last prescription, which contains all your details and the medications. All you need to do is tick the medicine that you need.

Most GPs send your repeat prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy you nominate. Usually, you need to wait for 48 hours before you go and collect your medicine from the store. If you choose an online pharmacy such as Pharmacy Outlet, there is no need of going to the pharmacy to collect your medicine, rather you will receive it at your doorstep for free.

The repeat prescription service helps a pharmacist to keep most medicines in stock so that you can get your supply without any delay. To avail this service, you need to nominate a pharmacy by creating an account.

Pharmacy Outlet offers the repeat prescription service where it will order and collect your prescription from your GP practice through the internet. The pharmacist will dispense and deliver your medications at your preferred UK address.

The repeat prescription service is especially beneficial for people who suffer from embarrassing illnesses such as haemorrhoids (piles), diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, skin diseases, etc. Many people with these health issues suffer in silence, hesitating to take a medical treatment. Such patients do not have to face the embarrassment if they choose Pharmacy Outlet to fulfil their repeat prescriptions. They will get their medicines for such embarrassing illness without visiting a pharmacy store.

If you have any issue with your repeat prescription, call 03333 222 400.

Ordering Prescriptions Online Is Safe & Reliable


It was not easy for patients to manage their chronic condition before the introduction of the online prescription service by the NHS. There were fewer opportunities back then. However, since the NHS has initiated the Electronic Prescription Service, patients have many options that can help them to control their chronic condition efficiently.

These effective ways to fulfil your medicinal requirements can help improve your survival chances and quality of life.

People are aware of the fact that regular treatment for chronic conditions helps increase the life expectancy. If you use regular medications to treat your chronic condition, you can now order prescriptions online in the UK just by sitting at home. The online prescription service also helps you to continue with your treatment, preventing further medical complications.

You must talk to your GP and request for a repeat prescription to get your medications. You can ask your doctor to collect your prescription online from your GP practice. If you want to order prescriptions online, you must first choose a website that provides the online pharmacy service in the UK.

The pharmacy will arrange your prescription from your GP practice via the internet. The pharmacist will then be able to dispense your medicines and send them to your home.

You need to request your GP practice first to collect more information on the online prescription service. Your GP practice is the right person to explain to you why a particular medicine has been started and how to use it.

You can order prescriptions online at any time by using a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet. It is very simple to order prescriptions online from one of the UK’s online chemistsPharmacy Outlet.

Get registered with Pharmacy Outlet to order prescriptions online and have your medication delivered right to your door, with free delivery.

Call 03333 222 400 or send an email to if you want more information on the repeat prescription online service.

About The NHS Electronic Prescription Service


The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is an amazing service that lets your GP practice send your prescriptions via the IT systems to the pharmacy that you nominate – without the need for using a handwritten prescription.

The EPS means that there is no need for a patient with regular prescriptions to visit a GP practice just to collect a paper script.

How does the electronic prescription service work?

Firstly, if you want your GP practice to send your prescription electronically, it is essential to choose a place from where you can get your medicines. The place could be a fully stocked chemist, a dispensing appliance contractor, or even a GP who supplies medicines.

The nomination process is similar to the prescription collection service where the pharmacy collects your repeat prescriptions on the behalf of you. Instead of you going to your GP practice to collect a paper prescription, you can use this online service. The difference here is that your repeat prescriptions are sent via the internet.

You can nominate a pharmacy that is convenient to where you live. For more convenience, you can select an online pharmacy that will collect your prescriptions online from your GP practice and deliver your medicine with free delivery.

Many GP surgeries and pharmacies offer the second stage of the NHS Electronic Prescription Service. Your prescription is not sent online until your GP practice is entitled to offer the EPS. Your GP practice is a right person to explain to you when and how to make use of the NHS electronic prescription service.

The service is reliable, safe and confidential. Only the authorised staff members associated with your GP practice and your pharmacist will be able to see your online prescriptions.

Pharmacy Outlet, one of the UK’s registered online pharmacies, offers the NHS Electronic Prescription Service. It is owned and managed by the Pharmacentric Limited, which is located at 40 London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9AA.

Is Sildenafil Available On The Repeat Prescription NHS?


Sildenafil is actually the generic form of Viagra that is available for some ED affected men through the repeat prescription NHS, that too only under certain circumstances.

It depends on the explanation of getting the ED treatment on the NHS. Viagra is the brand-name product of Pfizer, which is not available through the NHS prescription. An impotent man can buy Viagra online only through a private prescription. For issuing a private prescription to purchase Viagra online, your GP practice will charge you a fee.

However, the Viagra patent has expired in the UK so the generic version Sildenafil is available for managing impotence through the repeat prescription NHS. The medicine has been made available by the Health Department from the year 2014, but only after consulting a GP who is affiliated with the NHS.

Please note that Sildenafil, through the NHS, is not available to every man with Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Men with certain underlying medical problems are allowed to purchase Viagra on the repeat prescription NHS. The medical problems include diabetes, polio, spina bifida, prostate cancer, Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

Men with the aforementioned underlying medical problems can buy Sildenafil on the NHS prescription. It is also available for men with ED caused by surgical interventions of prostate or rectum, kidney transplant, or haemodialysis.

Remember, the amount of Sildenafil issued through the repeat prescription NHS is four pills per month. The NHS GP practice will be monitoring the usage of the medication and the efficacy after using it to treat ED.

The best way for a man who is not entitled to Sildenafil through the NHS is to purchase Viagra online through the private prescription online service offered by the many GPs and pharmacies. This enables patients to maintain complete privacy and saves them from frequent visits to the chemist.

One of the places from where a patient can get Viagra online is PharmaDoctor, a UK’s registered online doctor service. Pharmacy Outlet is a registered internet pharmacy that offers Viagra if you get a private prescription online from PharmaDoctor.

Located at 40 London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9AA, Pharmacy Outlet is owned and managed by the Pharmacentric Limited. Find out more about the repeat prescription NHS service and the private prescription online service by calling on 03333 222 400.