Why Visit GP Frequently When You Order Prescriptions Online

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The NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is a public healthcare service that helps you to order prescription online and get your medication without visiting their GP.

It is essential to discuss with a GP practice and pharmacist before ordering prescriptions online. With this incredible service, you can order your medicine right to the place you choose. A GP practice will be able to explain to you how your prescription can be sent online to the pharmacy via the internet. To use the online prescription service, a GP and a pharmacist must offer the NHS Electronic Prescription Service.

Pharmacy Outlet is the UK’s online pharmacy that offers the Electronic/Repeat Prescription Service and the online GP service in association with PharmaDoctor.

The process of ordering repeat prescriptions is quick and simple. Nominate Pharmacy Outlet to get started with the electronic prescription service so that you can order prescriptions online. You can call 03333 222 400 to know how to use the service. The representative will be able to explain to you how to order prescriptions online.

This amazing service helps you to get your medication right to your home, without visiting a GP practice every time just to collect a prescription.

Pharmacy Outlet’s aim is to ensure that patients receive the right prescription medicine in the right quantity to treat their long-standing conditions. The service also helps prevent the paper prescription waste, saving the environment.

After nominating Pharmacy Outlet, the representative will collect your prescription from your GP via the computer. The pharmacist will then dispense and deliver the medicine to the address you choose.

In addition, Pharmacy Outlet offers the free reminder service via an email about your next prescription due. This service helps you to get your medicine in time and helps pharmacist to have good control over the medicine stock.

You can change or cancel the nomination if you are unsatisfied with the service. Remember that you need to discuss with your GP practice and Pharmacy Outlet’s representative prior to changing or cancelling the nomination.