Every Patient in the UK Should Know About The NHS Electronic Prescription Service

Every-Patient-in-the-UK-Should-Know-About-The-NHS-Electronic-Prescription-Service (1)

The National Health Service (NHS) has introduced the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) in the UK. The service assists your GP practice to send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice through the internet i.e. electronically; hence, it is termed the Electronic Prescription Service.

The EPS service was introduced in April 2013 within a small group of GP surgeries and pharmacies. However, the number of GPs and pharmacies offering the NHS Electronic Prescription Service has significantly increased.

The service allows a GP practice to move onto a completely paperless system, which means you can request your GP where to send the prescription so that you can easily collect your medications.

The most important benefit of using the EPS is that the pharmacist can dispense your medicine before even you arrive in the store, without having to wait for a longer duration. More interestingly, if you choose an internet pharmacy such as Pharmacy Outlet, you will receive your medication right to your home, without actually visiting the store. Isn’t this service beneficial? You can simply manage everything by sitting on your couch.

With the NHS Electronic Prescription Service, you no longer have to visit your GP to pick up a paper prescription. Plus, there will be no paper scripts to lose.

The service is useful for those who have a stable condition and do not want to make frequent trips to the GP practice and pharmacy. Those who collect their medicines from different pharmacies at all times are not eligible to use the NHS Electronic Prescription Service.

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