Understanding the NHS Online Prescription Service

Understanding the NHS Online Prescriptions Service

The NHS online prescription service is specifically designed to save patients’ time and money when it comes to ordering and managing their repeat prescriptions.

One can use this service by allowing their GP practice to send prescriptions electronically to a pharmacy of their choice. Patients can use this public healthcare service to fulfil their repeat prescription. The online service is undeniably one of the best ways to get medicines rather than going to a GP to pick up a paper prescription.

The NHS online prescription service will enable one to order and manage their repeat prescriptions in a timely and efficient manner. So, if they want to use the NHS online prescription service, here’s something that they need to know about.

Is the NHS online prescription service mandatory?

It totally depends on a patient whether or not to choose online prescriptions over traditional prescription service. The NHS has explained that in near future, the Electronic Prescription Service will be the default option for patients who get repeat prescription to collect their regular medicines.

The NHS online prescription service largely targets people who require repeat medications on a regular basis. This service reduces the number of visits one pays to their GP’s office just to pick up a paper prescription.

Who offers the service?

The public and the private healthcare services offer the NHS online prescription service. All one needs to do is sign up for the NHS Electronic Prescription Service if they get their repeat prescriptions from their GP practice regularly.

One should take a good look at the online prescription service providers in the UK and choose one that is convenient to them, especially if they want to use private healthcare services to get their medication. Most private healthcare services offer free delivery as a part of their service.

How to use the NHS online prescription service

Patients who want to use the service should speak to their GP who is eligible to offer the Electronic Prescription Service. They must choose a registered local or online pharmacy from where they can get their medicines. With an online pharmacy such as Pharmacy Outlet, one receives their medicine right at their doorstep, with free delivery.

Additionally, Pharmacy Outlet reminds its patients about their prescription due so that they get their medicine in time.