Do You Take Regular Medicine? Order Repeat Prescription Online

Do You Take Regular Medicine Order Repeat Prescription Online

A GP practice issues a repeat prescription on a regular basis so that you can manage your long-standing ailment efficiently. Your pharmacist can supply prescription medicines for a specific period. There is no need to visit your GP surgery each time to collect a paper script.

Generally, a repeat prescription can be authorised for a period of six to 12 months. However, the duration of treatment may vary with the type of medicine prescribed, and more importantly, on your GP’s discretion.

Your GP issues a prescription that typically involves two parts – the green slip (actual prescription) that you give to your pharmacy to get your medicine, and the white slip that contains the list of medicines you can order regularly. The white slip is also known as the “repeat re-order form”.

You must tick the medicines that you need regularly, and then you can order your repeat prescription online.

The pharmacy you choose will take the efforts of collecting your prescriptions electronically from your GP practice. An electronic prescription is one of the most important prescriptions for a pharmacist to dispense and deliver your medicine. With an online pharmacy such as Pharmacy Outlet, you do not have to go anywhere. In fact, you get your medicine at your doorstep.

Before using the Repeat Prescription Online Service, you must understand how it works. Ask your GP or pharmacist to understand the process of the repeat prescription online service.

Here’s the most important part of this service – you need to order your prescriptions at least one week before running out of medicine. If you run out of medicine and need it urgently, check with your prescribing GP, who may offer you emergency supply.

If you should use regular medicine to manage your long-standing disease, nominate Pharmacy Outlet, it will organise everything and deliver your medication to your preferred address.

Why visit your GP over and over again just to collect a paper script? Use the repeat prescription online service and receive your medicine to your home.

Pharmacy Outlet offers the hassle-free and confidential repeat prescription online service. Call 03333 222 400 to gets started with the repeat prescription online service.