Use The Repeat Prescription Service & Save Time

Use The Repeat Prescription Service & Save Time

Many people with chronic health conditions need to use medications on a regular basis. When they want a new supply of their regular medication from their GP practice, they can use the repeat prescription service. To use the repeat prescription service, you must talk to your GP practice. However, once you get used to this service, it is pretty easy and straightforward.

First, you need to discuss with your GP practice. You will have an ordering script that is attached to your prescription, which contains all your details and prescribed medications. All you need to do is tick the ones that you need.

GPs often send your repeat prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy you choose. Usually, you need to wait at least 48 hours before you collect your medicine from the store. If you choose an online chemist such as Pharmacy Outlet, you need not require going to the store to collect your medicine instead you will receive it at your home with free delivery.

The repeat prescription service helps a pharmacist to keep most medicines in stock so that you can get your supply in time. To get started with the service, you must nominate Pharmacy Outlet by completing a simple online registration form on the website.

Pharmacy Outlet offers the repeat prescription service where it will be able to collect your prescription from your GP through the IT system. After verifying all information, the pharmacist will dispense and deliver your medicines at your address.

This service is particularly useful for people who suffer from embarrassing illnesses such as piles, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, etc. Most people with such health issues often suffer in silence. Now, there is no need to feel embarrassed, just nominate Pharmacy Outlet to fulfil their repeat prescriptions for embarrassing illnesses.

Pharmacy Outlet also helps you to be on the treatment so that you manage your ailment better. It does so with the help of its free reminder service. It will inform you about your prescription due before you run out of your supply.

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