Nomination Is Necessary To Use The Repeat Prescription NHS Service

Nomination Is Necessary To Use The Repeat Prescription NHS Service

Commonly known as the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), the Repeat Prescription Service is largely aimed at patients who receive repeat prescriptions to get their regular medications. The National Health Service (NHS) has initiated the service for the betterment of patients in the UK.

The repeat prescription NHS service encourages your GP practice to send your prescription to your chemist by the electronic means. There is no need to visit GP’s office just to collect your prescription when you use the repeat prescription service. Instead, your GP will directly send your prescriptions to your pharmacy.

The service is certainly one of the easiest ways to get your medicines delivered to your home, saving you time. Pharmacy Outlet offers the Repeat Prescription NHS Service to patients who live in England.

The most important aspect of this service is the “nomination”. Patients have the right to nominate any pharmacy that is near and convenient to them.

Pharmacy Outlet is such internet pharmacy that can be nominated to start using the repeat prescription NHS service. This pharmacy will deliver your repeat prescription, without any extra charge.

The repeat prescription NHS service is not for patients who do not get their regular prescription from the NHS, or if they collect their medications from several places at all times.

A GP and a pharmacist can explain you the fundamentals of the Repeat Prescription NHS Service. Pharmacy Outlet makes necessary arrangements so that it can receive your prescription from your GP practice, electronically.

You need to nominate by completing the online registration form. Alternatively, you can call 03333 222 400 to understand how to nominate Pharmacy Outlet.

This service is absolutely safe, reliable and confidential. Your GP, Pharmacy Outlet’s pharmacist, and NHS have the access to your repeat prescriptions.

If you are not satisfied with the service, you may change or cancel the nomination. However, before that, you need to talk to your GP and your pharmacist.

Pharmacentric Limited owns and operates Pharmacy Outlet, which is based in Camberley, Surrey.