Manage Your Repeat Prescription Online

Manage Your Repeat Prescription Online

If your GP has arranged a repeat prescription for your regular medication, make sure you order it by using the white slip attached to your prescription. All you need to do is tick the medicines you want, drop it to the pharmacy and collect your medicines.

Usually, it may take around 48 hours to process and collect your repeat prescription. Your regular medicines must be reviewed by your GP practice on a regular basis. Most pharmacies do not accept the requests for your repeat prescriptions over the phone. They do so to ensure utmost safety and accuracy. This is actually the conventional way of getting your repeat prescription.

Managing your repeat prescription online

NHS exempt patients can now order and manage their repeat prescription online at any time by using the NHS Electronic Prescription Service. To get started with this amazing service, you must first register with the GP practice and nominate a pharmacy.

In the UK, many GP practices and pharmacies offer the NHS Electronic Prescription Service. When you nominate a pharmacy, your GP will send your repeat prescription online to that pharmacy so that you can easily pick up your medicine, without much wait.

If you get the repeat prescription online, you do not have to spend time to visit your GP practice every time when you need to collect a paper prescription. Instead, your GP will send the prescription electronically to the pharmacy of your choice, with lesser chances of losing or misplacing the paper script.

After the repeat prescription is received on the pharmacist’s computer, you will get your medications dispensed and delivered right to your home. Remember, the service is free.

What happens if I do not want to use the service? Nothing, you will start getting your paper prescription from your GP practice so that you can drop it in your pharmacy store, wait until your medicine is dispensed and collect it.

Pharmacy Outlet, one of the online pharmacies, offers the repeat prescription online service to patients who reside in the England. Call 03333 222 400 to learn more about the repeat prescription online service.