The Essentials of Repeat Prescription NHS

The Essentials of Repeat Prescription NHS

If you need regular medicines for chronic medical conditions, you can get repeat prescriptions online with less inconvenience from the NHS (National Health Service).

Using the repeat prescription NHS service can free up the GP’s appointments and allows them to use their time efficiently.

If you want to use the NHS Electronic Prescription Service, please talk to your GP practice and pharmacy that offer the repeat prescription NHS service.

Here are a few basics of the repeat prescription NHS service:

  • The repeat prescription NHS service is the most convenient way to get your regular medication without visiting your GP
  • You can request for a repeat prescription electronically at least one week before running out of supply
  • The NHS will review your repeat prescription every six months
  • The NHS authorities will also check where your prescriptions are being delivered
  • A prescription medicine is usually supplied only for a duration of two months
  • Your GP will send your prescription electronically to the pharmacy you choose
  • You may need to register or nominate the pharmacy after discussing with a GP

Do not wait until you run out of your supply. It is essential that you re-order your repeat prescription one week before running out of supply. This will give enough time for a pharmacist to dispense and deliver your medicine.

Pharmacy Outlet is a UK’s registered online pharmacy that offers the repeat prescription NHS service. One can use this service to get a single as well as a repeat prescription. However, you cannot use the service to order private prescriptions.

The benefit of using the repeat prescription NHS service is that you need not require going to a GP practice to collect your medicine script. Instead, a GP will send your repeat prescription electronically to Pharmacy Outlet.

The service is absolutely safe, reliable and free, and you will receive your medicine without any extra charge. As the online repeat prescription NHS service is a paperless work, you save the environment.

Nominate Pharmacy Outlet to gets started with the repeat prescriptions NHS; alternatively, you can call 03333 222 400.