How Do I Order Repeat Prescription Online?

How Do I Order Repeat Prescription Online

There are many GP practices and pharmacies available in England who can help you to order repeat prescription online. Pharmacy Outlet is the UK’s online pharmacy that offers the NHS Electronic Prescription Service.

Pharmacy Outlet has a computerised repeat prescription service. The repeat prescription online service is normally for patients who receive regular treatment to treat their chronic conditions. Your GP will be able to decide whether you can have a repeat prescription.

In addition to the repeat prescription online service, Pharmacy Outlet will ask you to see your GP to review your medicine. It does so to monitor your medical condition and treatment.

You can request your repeat prescription either by using the online services or by visiting Pharmacy Outlet store that is situated at 40 London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9AA.

Please note that Pharmacy Outlet usually does not take telephone requests, except in certain circumstances.

The repeat prescription online process will require at least two working days, so the pharmacy professionals always request patients to order their medicine a week before running out of supply.

Occasionally, Pharmacy Outlet may ask you to visit your GP for a medication review. This is done for safety purpose. So please look out of an email or text message regularly.

The Repeat Prescription Online Service saves paper, reduces waste and is completely safe and reliable for patients who receive regular prescriptions for their long-standing conditions.

Please call 03333 22 400 if you need to talk to someone about how to order repeat prescription online. The pharmacist can advise on what your medicines are prescribed for and how best you can take them.

Pharmacy Outlet will try to arrange a same day prescription if you run out of your prescription medicine and cannot delay taking it. Make sure you plan ahead, order your medicine at least a week before running out of supply.

More importantly, order those medicines that you need. If you have discontinued any of your prescription medicines, please inform your GP.