FAQs About The Electronic Prescription Service

FAQs About The Electronic Prescription Service

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) means GPs in England can use internet to send prescription instantly to the pharmacy of your choice.

With the Electronic Prescription Service, there is no requirement of a paper prescription and you will not have to worry about keeping a number of paper scripts. Plus, you need not require going to the pharmacy just to pick up a hand-written script.

FAQs about EPS

How will the service help me?

This service is beneficial of you if you receive your prescriptions regularly. The EPS means you do not have to collect your repeat prescription from your GP between check-ups.

How will I know if I can use EPS?

Your GP practice or your pharmacist will be able to explain where and how the service is being offered. The EPS can be used for repeat and one-off prescriptions in England. It cannot be used for private and veterinary prescriptions.

What should I do if I have repeat prescription?

You need to simply sign up to the free repeat prescription service offered by your GP and pharmacy. This means your medications will be ready for pick up at your pharmacy. Alternatively, you can choose an online pharmacy to get your medications delivered to your home.

Where is the EPS available?

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service is being rolled out at registered GMC doctors and registered GPhC pharmacies in England.

What to do if I want to cancel the nomination?

You need to speak to your GP and pharmacy before cancelling or changing the nomination. If you do not inform before your prescription due, your medicine will be sent to wrong place.

What if I have any queries about the electronic prescription service?

If you have any queries, please either ask your pharmacist or call your GP.

There could be other question, which may come to your mind when it comes to using the NHS Electronic Prescription Service. It is better to seek help from your GP practice or your pharmacist.