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A private prescription is just like any other prescription for medicine written by a GP practice, except that the NHS does not provide fund for a private prescription.

Usually, private prescriptions are issued by a GMS registered GP in private practice. The NHS does not fund for malaria tablets (travel medicine) and limits quantities of some prescription medicines.

Cost of private prescription online

GPs usually charge patients for issuing private prescriptions. Even GPs working with the NHS are allowed to charge a fee for writing a private prescription. GPs are free to charge less, or considerably more, or waive the fee. All GPs can write a private prescription, while doctor prescribing to their NHS patients have a few restrictions.

Please note that the NHS will not fund the cost of medicine dispensed from a private prescription. Patients have to pay the cost of the medicine dispensed even through a private prescription online. The cost could vary greatly, as there is no fix price for medication dispensed privately.

Pharmacies often compete with each other on cost when they provide medicine through private prescriptions. Online private prescriptions for a broad range of medicines are now available in the UK. The prescriptions are issued electronically through an online medical service such as PharmaDoctor. GMC (General Medical Council) registered GPs working with PharmaDoctor carry out the online consultation.

The private prescription online arising from these consultations are sent automatically to Pharmacy Outlet, a GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Council) registered pharmacy.

The most widely issued private prescription online is for the erectile dysfunction medicines such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra, hair fall treatments such as Propecia, smoking cessation medicines such as Champix and travel medication such as antimalarial drug – Malarone.

Patients who do not come under the eligibility criteria for NHS treatment may need to approach PharmaDoctor for a private prescription online.

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