EPS Allows Your GP Practice To Send Prescriptions Electronically

EPS Allows Your GP Practice To Send Prescriptions Electronically

With the advanced technologies and innovations, it has become possible for your GP practice to send prescriptions electronically to your chemist without you making unnecessary trips to your GP and pharmacy. This is possible with the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service allows your GP surgery to send your prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy you choose, without the need for a paper prescription. Also, there is no need for you to visit your GP to pick up a paper script.

What is EPS?

If you want your GP practice to send prescriptions electronically, it is essential that you nominate a chemist. You can use EPS for both the repeat prescription and single prescription. Nomination works just like the prescription collection service. The chemist will collect your prescription on the behalf of you to fulfil your prescription needs. The difference here is that everything is done online.

Many GPs and pharmacies offer the Electronic Prescription Service. Your GP will be able to make you understand how this will happen and how to reap the benefits of EPS.

Does EPS mean I will have to see my GP less often?

No, the service means that there is no need to making frequent trips to your GP just to pick up a hand-written prescription each time when you want to refill your medicine.

Nominating a pharmacy is an important aspect EPS. You can ask your GP to record a nomination on the behalf of you or directly nominate a website that provides the electronic prescription service.

Your GP practice can send prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy. For repeat prescriptions, you will be able to re-order your repeat medication from an online chemist, Pharmacy Outlet. You will receive your medicine right at your doorstep with free delivery.

The Electronic Prescription Service is really safe, reliable and confidential. Call 03333 222 400 to know more about the EPS.