How To Order Prescription Online From Pharmacy Outlet

How To Order Prescription Online From Pharmacy Outlet

For anybody who is short on time, or face problems in getting to their local pharmacy, ordering prescription online from Pharmacy Outlet makes it real easy and convenient than ever to get your prescription.

Once you have registered with Pharmacy Outlet, you can order prescription online within a few clicks, and it will deliver your prescription to the place of your choice, which could be easier.

At Pharmacy Outlet, you can order prescription online whether you need a one-off prescription, or a repeat prescription. To register to use the Pharmacy Outlet Online Prescription Service, just go to the Electronic Prescription Service page and complete the online registration form.

The next step of the registration process is to provide your GP’s name, clinic address, email ID and telephone number. More importantly, you need to inform Pharmacy Outlet whether your prescription was issued by a GMC registered doctor – if not, the pharmacy will not be able to dispense your prescription medicine.

Let Pharmacy Outlet know whether you are exempt from paying a fee for your NHS prescriptions. After that, the pharmacy will need some of your personal details such as full name, phone number, email ID and permanent address.

After registration, Pharmacy Outlet will make necessary arrangements with your GP to collect your prescription through an electronic means. When it receives your NHS prescription slip, the pharmacy professional will work quickly to order, dispense and deliver your medicine as soon as possible.

If you need a one-off prescription, you need to provide the green slip. The pharmacist will check your prescription, dispense and send it out for the next-day delivery.’

You will find it quite easy and convenient to use the Pharmacy Outlet electronic prescription service. Please note that if you have any queries, you can contact 03333 222 400, the pharmacy team will be happy to assist you. You can even send an email on to understand how to order prescription online.