Getting A Repeat Prescription Online


Many people need to take medicine for a longer duration for treating chronic conditions. And when they need a new or repeat supply from their doctor, it is carried out through a “repeat prescription”. One needs to be organised, but once they get into the habit, it is pretty simple and straightforward.

If you are one of those who need medicines regularly to control chronic disease, the repeat prescription online service is an ideal way to get the supply regularly.

Do not forget to order your prescription when you are about to run out of your supply. When you see that there is a week’s supply left, put your order so that you have the new medicine before the old medicine gets over.

Order repeat prescription online at your GP practice

You might an order slip that is attached to your last prescription. It contains all your details and the medicines on it. You just need to tick the ones that you want and hand it at your GP. Most GPs do not take phone order for repeat prescription. You have to wait for at least two working days before you go and collect your prescription from the GP.

Nowadays, many GPs now let you order repeat prescription online through a website that offers online medical service.

Most pharmacies offer a service where they will be able to order and collect your repeat prescription on the behalf of you from the GP. After collecting your repeat prescription online, pharmacies will dispense and deliver your medicine to your home or you can collect it from the store.

More often than not, your GP will review your medicine. They do this before they give you a new prescription, just to check and verify whether the medicine is right for you. So you need to give yourself plenty of time to get your prescription.

If you have an issue with your repeat prescription or unexpectedly run out of supply, you can plausibly get an emergency supply from your GP practice.