How To Use Repeat Prescription NHS Service?

How To Use Repeat Prescription NHS Service

A repeat prescription is a medicine that your GP has authorised on your file, which is supplied for a certain period on a regular basis, without having to visit your GP each time. Normally, a repeat prescription is authorised for a period of six to 12 months, but this may vary with the medicine type and the GP’s discretion.

How do I get my repeat prescription NHS?

Your GP will give you your first prescription that will have two parts. The first one is the green slip, which is an actual prescription. You have to provide this green slip to the pharmacist to get your medicine. The second slip is the white slip that shows the list of medicines that you can order for repeat prescriptions. It is also called repeat re-order form.

Please give the GP practice at least two working days, excluding weekends and bank holidays, prior to the collection. More importantly you need to allow sufficient time to order your repeat prescription so that you do not run out of supply. At the same time, do not stock pile the medicines.

Can I ask the pharmacist to collect my repeat prescription NHS?

Yes. Many pharmacists offer a prescription collection service from the GP surgery. Please speak to your preferred pharmacy professional who can explain you how to use the repeat prescription NHS service. Your pharmacist will make necessary arrangements to collect your prescription from your prescribing GP.

What if I need my medicine urgently?

Usually, a pharmacist will ask you to place your request at least two working days before running out of the supply. However, if you run out of your supply, a prescription can be issued urgently in certain exceptional circumstances. This will depend on a GP being available to offer the prescription.

Pharmacy Outlet is an online pharmacy that offers the repeat prescription NHS service to people who reside in England. It also offers the private prescription online service through an online doctor service called PharmaDoctor.

The NHS has stated that the repeat prescription service or electronic prescription service will become a default option to patients who need repeat prescriptions to treat their chronic condition.