How Do I Order Prescription Online With Pharmacy Outlet?

How Do I Order Prescription Online With Pharmacy Outlet

If you already have prescription issued by your GP, or need to get medicine prescribed privately, the Pharmacy Outlet Online Prescription Services will offer you more option, choice and flexibility with managing and receiving your prescription medicine.

I already have a private/NHS prescription

With creating a new account with Pharmacy Outlet, you can manage and fulfil all your prescription needs, including the prescriptions of your family and others you care for. If you already carry a prescription from your GP, use this UK-based online pharmacy today. The prescription service includes the Electronic or Repeat Prescription Service. How the prescription service works:

  • Registration – Complete the simple registration from online, or call 03333 222 400
  • Prescription Arrangement – The pharmacist will contact your GP to collect your prescription electronically
  • Free Delivery – After verifying your prescription, the pharmacist will dispense and deliver your medicine to your preferred UK address
  • Free Reminder Service – The helpful reminder service means you will always receive an email regarding your prescription due so that you get your medicine on time and do not run out of supply

I need a private prescription

Pharmacy Outlet closely works in association with PharmaDoctorUK’s registered online GP service – to offer you a private prescription. The service can provide you fast treatment and advice without a face-to-face consultation. Here’s how the service works:

  • Complete the online doctor consultation
  • The GMC registered doctor will assess your request
  • If possible, you can collect the medicine in-store or get it delivered

What are the benefits of these services?

  • Easy and hassle-free service
  • Safe, secure and confidential
  • Free phone advise, support and reminders
  • Free UK delivery
  • Discreet and convenient wat to get prescription medicine
  • No need see a GP face to face if you need a private prescription
  • Next day delivery available in certain cases

The NHS electronic/repeat prescription service and delivery is free. However, you need to pay for your NHS prescription medicine. When you order prescription online privately, the cost will be displayed after selecting the medicine. Delivery if offered via Royal Mail to an address of your choice, but only within England.