Save Time By Using The NHS Online Prescription Service

Save Time By Using The NHS Online Prescription Service

The NHS online prescription service is one of the beneficial services that can save you time and money. It will help you to manage your repeat prescriptions more efficiently.

You will be able to save time and money by simply requesting your GP to send prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy you nominate. The NHS online prescription service is an amazing service to meet your medicinal requirements, instead of visiting a GP each time when you require a repeat prescription.

The service allows patients to manage their prescription in an efficient manner. Here are some important points you need to know if you are keen on using the NHS online prescription service.

Is the NHS online prescription service mandatory?

It completely depends on a patient whether or not to choose this NHS service. However, healthcare professionals encourage people to use online prescription instead of repeat prescription to save time. The NHS has stated that, in near future, the online prescription service will becomes the default option in the UK, especially to patients who need repeat prescriptions.

This particular service has been aimed at patients who need repeat medicines regularly to manage their disease. The service prevents patients from unnecessary visits to a GP, which are made frequently just to collect a paper prescription.

Who will offer the NHS online prescription service?

The service is offered by public and private healthcare services. If you regularly get your repeat prescriptions from your GP surgery, you must first sign up for the NHS Electronic Prescription Service.

Please note that you need to search for the online prescription service provider in UK, which is eligible to offer the service. Choose the one that is convenient to you. Most online pharmacies offer free delivery to the preferred address, be it home or workplace.

Using the service

Speak to your GP who will be able to make you understand and offer you the Electronic Prescription Service. Nominate a pharmacy from where you can collect your prescription medicine. With an online chemist such as Pharmacy Outlet, you can receive your medicine with free delivery; however, you need to pay for the prescription medicine.