Why Should I Order Prescriptions Online?

Why Should I Order Prescriptions Online

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) allows people in UK to order prescription online, which is pretty easy and safe.

With EPS, there is no need for you to your GP surgery or pharmacy just to collect your prescription medicine.

On contacting the pharmacy, you will speak to a well-trained pharmacy professional who can discuss your healthcare needs, saving the NHS money so they can spend on other vital healthcare services.

Pharmacy Outlet is an online pharmacy registered with the GPhC (General Pharmaceutical Council) in UK, which offers the NHS Electronic Prescription Service so that one can order prescriptions online and receive their prescription medicine right to your home.

Why should I use EPS?

Using the Electronic Prescription Service and ordering your repeat prescription is simple and quick. It is essential to nominate an online pharmacy to get started with the prescription service, or call the customer support to understand the registration process. After nomination, the pharmacy will make necessary arrangements to collect your prescription from your GP through internet. Pharmacy Outlet is one such pharmacy that offers EPS.

Pharmacy Outlet makes sure that patients receive the right quantity of prescription medicine that they require to manage their chronic condition. The EPS also helps reduce the amount of paper prescription waste and saves environment, as the service is completely paperless.

After receiving your prescription, this online pharmacy will be able to dispense and deliver your prescription medicine. In addition, Pharmacy Outlet offers free reminder service to prevent you from running out of medicine. Plus, it helps you to manage your condition efficiently without skipping or missing the dose. You are requested to place your re-order at least a week before running out of supply.

You can change or cancel your nomination if you are unhappy with the online pharmacy service. However, before that, you must speak to your GP practice and Pharmacy Outlet’s pharmacist; otherwise, your medicine will get delivered to incorrect address.