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Repeat Prescription Online Pharmacy Outlet

If you take repeat medicine regularly, which is prescribed by your GP, let Pharmacy Outlet help you save time.

Avoid spending time dashing between your GP and pharmacy every time when you are about to run out of supply. Register for the free online repeat prescription online service and let Pharmacy Outlet organise everything. You can choose to collect your prescription medicine through Pharmacy Outlet and have them delivered at your doorstep.

Do not run out of supply again – Pharmacy Outlet will remind you about you next prescription due and check which medication you need. This can help decrease the waste in the NHS.

Healthcare advise on the other side of a phone – If you have problems regarding your prescription medicine or how it may interact with other medications. The pharmacy professionals of Pharmacy Outlet are expert in dispensing medicines and they will be able to offer your expert advice and support. All you need to do is call 03333 222 400.

If you are currently use the repeat prescription online service and collect your prescription from Blackwater Pharmacy, 40 London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9AA but would prefer the convenience of placing repeat prescription online, simply nominate Pharmacy Outlet by completing the registration form.

Pharmacy Outlet’s Repeat Prescription Online Service means that you get your medicine delivered to your home just when you need it, with less or no fuss. With this prescription service, there is no need to worry about having your slip signed by your GP, or going to the chemist to collect your medicine.

This UK’s registered online pharmacy, operated by Pharmacentric Limited, can fulfil your repeat prescription through its online prescription service. You need to nominate by creating an account and once you nominate, you will receive a confirm receipt via email.

After nomination, the pharmacist will make the necessary arrangements with your GP practice to order and collect your repeat prescription. Your prescription will be assessed and checked by a pharmacy professional. The representatives will email you to let you know that your prescription has been dispensed and dispatched for delivery.

It also offers a free reminder service. You will receive an email two weeks prior to your next prescription is due. It is imperative to reply to this email as soon as possible to make sure there is enough time for pharmacist to make necessary arrangements with your GP.

If your GP is not based in the England and does not offer the NHS Electronic Prescription Service, Pharmacy Outlet will not be able to offer the Repeat Prescription Online service.