Let Your Prescriber Send Prescriptions Electronically

Let Your Prescriber Send Prescriptions Electronically

Electronic Prescription, or e-prescriptions, or computer-generated prescriptions can be offered by medical prescribers so that you get your repeat medicine without much fuss. Your prescriber will send prescriptions electronically to a place you prefer- such as a pharmacy, a dispensing appliance contractor, or a GP practice.

Your medical adviser will write and save your prescription directly into the computer, instead of writing it on a paper. Your electronic prescription will go from your prescriber’s computer to the pharmacy’s computer.

An online prescription is sent through a private, secured or closed IT network to ensure that your prescription is not sent via email or open network.

Fast service: Your online prescription arrives at your nominated pharmacy promptly.

Home convenience: You need not require running between your GP and pharmacy to get your medicine. Instead, you get your medicine delivered to your home.

Legibility: Your pharmacist will not require interpreting your prescriber’s handwriting.

Economic: The NHS prescription service allows your GP to have good control over managing the prescriptions.

The time required to dispense your medicine usually depends on a few factors, such as:

  • the number of prescriptions in your pharmacist’s computer
  • how quickly your pharmacist will receive your e-prescription
  • how many patients are already waiting to collect their medicine

Your prescriber will send prescriptions electronically only to the pharmacy you nominate. So, it is important that you nominate a pharmacy so that your GP can send your prescription online.

Pharmacy Outlet, a UK’s registered online pharmacy, offers the Electronic Prescription Service to patients residing in England. The pharmacy is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council and supplies medicines approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency.

It is quite simple to nominate Pharmacy Outlet. All you need to do is complete a short questionnaire. Once nominated, your prescriber will send prescriptions electronically and you get your medicine delivered to your home.

Call 03333 222 400 to understand how to use the Pharmacy Outlet electronic prescription service.