Under Regular Treatment? Use Repeat Prescription Online Service


A repeat prescription is nothing but a medicine that is prescribed by a GP practice on a prescription script. A pharmacy can then supply a repeat prescription for a specific period of time regularly without the patient’s need to visiting their GP practice every time.

Usually, repeat prescription is supplied for approximately six to 12 months. However, the treatment duration may vary with the type of medicine advised and with the GP’s discretion.

Your GP issues a prescription that consists of two parts – the green slip and the white slip. The green slip is the actual prescription that you submit to your pharmacy to get your medication, while the white slip contains the medicine list that you one order regularly to manage their chronic condition. The white slip is also called the repeat re-order form.

How does a pharmacist collect repeat prescription online?

The pharmacy you nominate will make necessary arrangements to receive your prescription from your prescribing GP via internet. An electronic prescription is the most important prescription for the pharmacist to dispense and deliver medicines.

By nominating an online pharmacy such as Pharmacy Outlet, you need not require visiting a pharmacy. In fact, you get your prescription right at your doorstep.

Prior to using the Repeat Prescription Online Service, you must know how it works. Ask your GP or pharmacist to get more information about this prescription service.

Make sure you order your repeat prescription online at least a week before running out of supply. If you forget to re-order and you have no medicine left, immediately see your GP, who will be able to provide you an emergency supply.

If you under regular treatment with repeat medicine to manage chronic condition, nominate Pharmacy Outlet – it will save you time.

Cut down your frequent trips to your GP just to collect a paper prescription. Start using the repeat prescription online service and get your medication delivered to your home or workplace.

Pharmacy Outlet offers hassle-free and confidential repeat prescription online service.

Call 03333 222 400 to get more information about the repeat prescription online service.


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