Pharmacy Outlet Offers The NHS Electronic Prescription Service

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The National Health Service (NHS) has started the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) across the England. The service allows your GP to send your prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy you choose.

During initial stages, a very small group of GPs and pharmacies practiced and offered the service. However, there are now many private healthcare firms, GPs and pharmacies taking part and offering the NHS electronic prescription service.

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service will allow your GP to move to a paperless system. You can choose a place that you prefer where to send your prescription to get your repeat medicine.

The benefits of EPS are that the pharmacy can prepare your medicine before you arrive, or you can select a dispenser or online pharmacy that is convenient to you. You can select a pharmacy that offers free delivery right to your door.

You will no longer receive a paper prescription to get your prescription medicine. Please note that the way your medicine is dispensed and how you receive it will be the same.

This service is correct for you if you have a stable condition and do not want to see your GP each time when you want to collect a paper prescription. The service is right for you if you collect your repeat medication from the same chemist each time.

However, you cannot use the NHS electronic prescription service if your GP do not issue you a repeat prescription. It is also not advised if you get your repeat medicine from different pharmacies.

Pharmacy Outlet is a UK’s online pharmacy that can do more than just managing your repeat prescriptions. It can even provide you healthcare advice for chronic conditions through a newly introduced service known as PharmaDoctor.

This internet pharmacy will send you an email alert about your prescription due. This will help you be on the treatment without missing or skipping the dose. It will not allow you to run out of supply. More importantly, you will get your medicine delivered within a stipulated time.

Pharmacy Outlet understands that finding a chemist that offers a prescription service is important. Offering a broad range of medicine and medical products, Pharmacy Outlet is the right choice to fulfil your prescription needs.