How to Get ED Meds Through Repeat Prescription NHS

How to Get ED Meds Through Repeat Prescription NHS

Are ED medicines available through the repeat prescription NHS?

ED drugs such as Sildenafil Citrate, Tadalafil and Vardenafil are available for some men through the repeat prescription NHS, that too under certain conditions.

It actually depends on the explanation of “getting treated on the NHS”. For instance, Viagra is the brand name product of Pfizer, which is not available on the NHS prescription. One can only buy it through a private prescription. A GP practice will charge you a fee for providing a private prescription for Viagra.

However, the generic version Sildenafil is available for treating Erectile Dysfunction through the repeat prescription through the NHS. The Health Department of UK has made Sildenafil available in 2014, but only after consulting a GMC registered GP.

Please note that Sildenafil, through NHS, is not available to every man suffering from Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Only a few men with certain medical conditions are entitled to get Sildenafil on repeat prescription NHS, which include diabetes, polio, spina bifida, prostate cancer, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

Men with these underlying medical problems are eligible to buy Sildenafil on the NHS prescription. The medicine is also made available for men with history of surgical interventions such as prostatectomy, kidney transplant and haemodialysis.

Remember that the amount of Sildenafil prescribed through the repeat prescription NHS is just four pills a month. Your GP practice will be monitoring your usage of Sildenafil and the rate of effectiveness after using it to treat ED.

The most convenient way for impotent men, who are not entitled to Sildenafil on the NHS, is to buy Viagra online through a private prescription. It can enable them to maintain total privacy and save them from frequent trips to the chemist.

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