Use NHS Online Prescription & Save Your Time

Use NHS Online Prescription & Save Your Time

The NHS online prescription service is specially designed to save you time and money. The service helps you to order and manage your prescriptions without any hassle.

There is no denying that the NHS online prescription service will save a lot of time. It helps send your prescription directly from your prescribing GP to your pharmacist electronically. The NHS online prescription service is definitely one of the best options to meet your prescription instead of visiting your local GP to collect a paper prescription.

The NHS online prescription service enables patients to order and manage their repeat prescriptions in an efficient and timely manner. If you want to get started with the NHS online prescription service, here’s some information you should know about.

Is it compulsory to use NHS online prescription?

No, it is your choice whether or not to use the NHS online prescriptions instead of paper prescription. The NHS has explained that the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) will become the default option for those who take regular medicine.

The NHS online prescription service is chiefly targeted at people who need repeat medication for managing their chronic ailments. The service will spare you from going to your GP practice more times than required.

Who can offer the NHS online prescription service?

The service can be offered by private or public healthcare services. You will have to sign up for the NHS Electronic Prescription Service if you are on regular medication to manage your medical condition.

It is important that you must look for the online prescription service provider in UK and choose the one that is suitable, especially if you wish to use a private healthcare service to get a prescription.

Most private providers will offer free delivery to your chosen UK address as a part of their service.

How to use the service

First, you must speak to a GP practice that is offering Electronic Prescription Service. Second, you must nominate a dispenser, such as Pharmacy Outlet, from where you can receive or get your medicine. With online chemist like Pharmacy Outlet, you will be able to receive your medicine to your home with free delivery.

Apart from offering the NHS online prescription service, Pharmacy Outlet sends you a mail about when to re-order your next prescription so that you do not run out of your medicine.