Use the Online Repeat Prescription Service

Use the Online Repeat Prescription Service

Pharmacy Outlet is a UK’s online pharmacy that is committed to improving the overall management for the online repeat prescription service.

Patients will be able to order their repeat prescription from the GP practice by electronic means.

Online ordering of repeat prescription is a quite easy and simple way to get your regular medication. You are requested to sign up for an online repeat prescription service. On registration, you will be issued a customised online log in and password, which should only be used by you to use the online repeat prescription service to re-order your medication.

The service is a straightforward process and allows you to manage your repeat prescription at a time that is convenient to you. If you are not tech-savvy, you can get your repeat prescription from your prescribing GP by submitting it to the pharmacist. In this case, you must use the white slip that contains your regular medication. You may even send it to through the post.

If you require assistance when using an online repeat prescription service, check with your GP practice or your pharmacy professional. You will get necessary support to access help.

Experts encourage patients to use the online repeat prescription service. It free up time at GP’s clinical and pharmacies so that they can focus on patients who need additional assistance with their treatment. It also helps a patient, GP and pharmacist to have good control over prescription. This service also helps avoid over-ordering or stockpiling of medicine.

Remember that the method of collection, dispensing and delivery of your medication from local pharmacies or online pharmacies will remain the same; just the ordering process will change a bit.

You must give some time to the pharmacy top process a repeat prescription. The pharmacy needs at least two working days to process an online repeat prescription.

Pharmacy Outlet offers the online repeat prescription service that helps patients to order and manage their regular medicine without going anywhere, let it be GP’s clinic or pharmacy.