Understanding Repeat Prescription Online Service

Understanding Repeat Prescription Online Service

What is a repeat prescription? It is a medicine prescribed by your GP on your prescription script. A repeat prescription can be supplied for certain duration regularly without the need to visiting your GP each time.

Typically, a repeat prescription is authorised only for 6 or 12 months. However, the period may vary with the type of medicament prescribed and at the GP’s discretion.

Your GP will issue you the first prescription that contains two parts – the green slip and the white slip. The “green” slip is the actual prescription, which you submit to your pharmacist to collect your medicine, the “white” slip shows the list of medicines you order regularly for a specific period. The white slip is also called the repeat re-order form.

You need to tick the medicines that you need regularly to manage chronic condition, on your GP’s consent. With this slip, you can re-order your repeat prescription online.

Many pharmacists offer a prescription collection service from your prescribing GP. An online prescription is one of the most important tools that can be shared between your GP practice and pharmacist to help you collect your regular medicine without paying a visit to your GP. It is important to discuss with your GP and your pharmacist to understand how electronic prescription or repeat prescription online service works.

It is very important that you order your repeat prescription online at least two working days before running out of supply. If you run out of your supply and need it urgently, you can check with you GP who will be able to offer you a prescription medicine in emergency. However, this will depend on your GP’s availability to sign a prescription.

If you should use the same medication regularly, you can reap the benefits of repeat prescription online from your nominated pharmacy. This means you do not need go to your GP or make a call each time when need your prescription medicine. You can get your repeat prescription medicine right to your home through an online pharmacy such as Pharmacy Outlet.

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