Let Your GP Send Prescriptions Electronically

Let Your GP Send Prescriptions Electronically

With so many advanced technologies and innovations, it has become highly possible for your GP to send prescriptions electronically to your favourite chemist. This is possible due to the NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).

The EPS allows your doctor to send prescriptions electronically to the pharmacy you prefer, without the need for paper. There is no need for you to visit your GP just to collect a paper script if you are on regular medicine and need a repeat prescription.

How does EPS work?

You must nominate a pharmacy if you want your GP to send prescriptions electronically. The electronic prescription service can be used for both the repeat prescription and the one-off/single prescription. The pharmacy will collect your prescription online on the behalf of you directly from your GP.

When can I start using the EPS?

Many GPs and pharmacies in the UK offer the NHS Electronic Prescription Service. Your prescriptions will be sent online to the pharmacy you nominate if your GP offers the service. Your GP will inform you when to get started with the service.

Using EPS means I need not require seeing my GP?

No, this service means that there is no need to visiting your GP to collect a prescription when you need a repeat prescription. You must see your doctor for clinical assessment, when and if required.

Nominate a pharmacy to get started with the Electronic Prescription Service. Generally, there are two ways to nominate a pharmacy:

  1. You can request your GP to record a nomination on behalf of you
  2. You can directly nominate an online pharmacy to get started with electronic prescription service.

Your GP can send prescriptions electronically for repeat prescription as well as single prescription. For repeat prescriptions, you will be able to continue re-ordering your repeat medicine from an online such as Pharmacy Outlet. You will get your medicine right at your doorstep with free delivery.

The Electronic Prescription Service is really safe, reliable, secured and confidential. Only the GP and the pharmacist working with Pharmacy Outlet can see your prescription to dispense your medicine.