Electronic Prescription Service – Pharmacy Outlet

Send Prescriptions Electronically To Pharmacy Outlet & Get Free Delivery

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is a free service introduced by the National Health Service (NHS). It reduces the need for you to visit your GP surgery just to collect a paper script of medication.

You have the right to select the place you would want to send your prescriptions and collect your medicine. Choosing a pharmacy to process your EPS is called “nomination”. One can choose the most convenient pharmacy that is near to your home or office.

The GP practice and chemist can record your nomination for you, which is flexible. You can even change or cancel the nomination at any time after seeking medical advice.

Once you nominate the pharmacy, your GP will send your prescription electronically to the place you choose in England. Your prescription is sent by your GP with the help of NHS secure database. It will only be seen by your prescribing doctor, pharmacy and NHS authorities.

Your nominated pharmacy will receive the online prescription to dispense your medication. The prescription is an electronic message, so there is no paper prescription to lose.

Benefits to GPs

  • they can process prescriptions more efficiently and easily
  • they can have good control on managing the prescription
  • they can spend less time dealing with prescription questions

Benefits to Pharmacists

  • they can process single and repeat prescriptions more efficiently
  • they can send less time sorting paper scripts and have no or less paper work to send to the NHS
  • they can have improved control over the medicine stock

Benefits to Patients

  • they can collect their prescriptions directly from the pharmacy they choose without having to visit their GP
  • they will not have a paper prescription to lose
  • they need not require spending more time waiting at the pharmacy

The Electronic Prescription Service is extremely reliable, secure and confidential. Pharmacy Outlet offers the NHS Electronic Prescription Service. To nominate Pharmacy Outlet, get started with the electronic prescription service.

To get more information, call on 03333 222 400 or email to store@pharmacyoutlet.co.uk


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