Frequently Asked Questions About The NHS Electronic Prescription Service


The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) enables your prescriptions to be sent by your GP to the pharmacy through IT systems.

It allows one to save time and money by preventing frequent visits to a GP to collect paper script and to a pharmacy to pick up medication.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about EPS:

Can a GP issue online prescription via the NHS Electronic Prescription Service?

In England, a GMC (General Medical Council) registered GP is entitled to provide online prescription for a certain period. The pharmacy you choose and nominate will arrange your prescription from the prescribing GP electronically.

Can a nurse assisting a GP issue prescriptions online?

Yes, a community practitioner nurse, a supplementary nurse prescriber or an independent nurse prescriber assisting a GP practice is eligible to issue online prescription via the EPS as long as they have precise roles with GMC registered GP.

How can I order prescription online in future?

The arrangement made to order prescriptions online is agreed locally. For example, some GP practices and pharmacies accept repeat prescriptions through phone, email, fax or any other IT systems, while some require patients to provide a paper script. You can ask your GP or pharmacist about how to order prescriptions online using the NHS electronic prescription service.

Is the service free?

Although you need to pay for the medicines that are ordered through the EPS, you can order prescription and get your them delivered without any charge.

Is EPS reliable and confidential?

Unquestionably, yes. The NHS Electronic Prescription Service is absolutely safe and reliable. Nobody can have an access to your online prescriptions, except your prescribing GP, dispensing pharmacist and NHS authorities. You can reply on this service and order prescriptions online through Pharmacy Outlet.

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