Send Prescriptions Electronically – Pharmacy Outlet

Send Prescriptions Electronically – Pharmacy Outlet

The National health Service (NHS) initiative of Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) can allow your repeat prescription to be sent to your pharmacy electronically. This amazing service gets rid of the need for paper prescriptions, saving the environment.

The Electronic Prescription Service enables GPs to send prescription electronically to the pharmacy of your choice. It makes the prescribing and dispensing process much easier, efficient and convenient for GPs, pharmacists and patients.

Listed are a few benefits of EPS: 

  • Your doctor can process prescriptions quickly and efficiently, thereby having good control over the prescription and spending less time dealing with the queries related to prescription.
  • Pharmacist can process prescription easily and competently, spending less time sorting paper prescriptions and having less paper work and improved stock control.
  • Patients can collect their prescription directly from the local or online pharmacy. They do not have paper scripts to lose and spend less time waiting in the pharmacy. They can even receive their medication to their home on nominating a website that offers online pharmacy service such as Pharmacy Outlet.

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service is absolutely safe, reliable, secure & confidential.

You must require visiting a GP or pharmacy to receive your prescription if you choose Pharmacy Outlet. Everything is done online and you get your medicine delivered to your preferred UK address without any extra cost.

If you would like to nominate Pharmacy Outlet, just create an account by completing the registration form. Alternatively, you can call the customer care team on 03333 222 400.

The Pharmacy Outlet’s free reminder service informs you about your next prescription through an email alert. The store makes necessary arrangements so that your GP sends prescriptions electronically.

The process is pretty easy and quick. Just Nominate Pharmacy Outlet and get started with the electronic prescription service!

In addition, Pharmacy Outlet offers other services such as NHS prescription and private prescription.

Visit the website or call on 03333 222 400 to get more information on the prescription services of Pharmacy Outlet