How To Order Online Repeat Prescription

How To Order Online Repeat Prescription

Repeat prescriptions are made available at your GP surgery on request by your nominated pharmacy.

Pharmacy Outlet, in association with PharmaDoctor, offers you a fully computerised repeat prescription system. If you are taking regular medicine and you need not require seeing your GP every time, you will be issues with an online repeat prescription. Please tick the medicine that you need on the slip and post it to Pharmacy Outlet, 40 London Road, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey GU17 9AA.

Call on 03333 444 200 and get more information on online repeat prescription!

Please note that Pharmacy Outlet required two full working days from the time you order prescription to when it will be ready for collection. With this online pharmacy, you receive your prescription medicine right at your doorstep, without having to visit the pharmacy.

Patients can have their prescription dispensed from Pharmacy Outlet in England. Click here to Nominate Pharmacy Outlet to order online repeat prescription. New users are requested to complete a simple registration form.

In order to avoid confusion and inconvenience, please inform Pharmacy Outlet and your GP if you wish to change or cancel the nomination. If you fail to do so, your medicine will be sent to wrong address.

Patients on repeat prescription will be asked to check with their GP or practicing nurse at least once in a year to review your regular medicine. Make sure that you book an appointment with your GP and pharmacist to avoid unnecessary delays to get online repeat prescription.

Patients are requested to order their online repeat prescription a week before they run out of supply. This will give enough time to the pharmacist to dispense and deliver the medicine.

Pharmacentric Limited owns and operates Pharmacy Outlet. It is a fully stocked pharmacy that offers NHS Prescription Service, Electronic Prescription Service and Private Prescription Service.