Strat Using NHS Electronic Prescription Service

Strat Using NHS Electronic Prescription Service

The National Health Service (NHS) has established the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) across United Kingdom. The service allows your healthcare practitioner to send your medical scripts to the pharmacy you choose through IT systems.

During the initial phase of NHS Electronic Prescription Service, a very small group of physicians and pharmacies practiced it. However, gradually, many GPs and pharmacies are offering the NHS electronic prescription service, which changed the face of issuing a prescription.

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service allows your GP to move to a completely paperless system. All you need to do is select a preferred place where to send your online prescription so that you can get or receive your medicine.

The benefits of EPS are that the pharmacy can prepare your medicine before you arrive. Or else you can choose a dispenser who is near to you or an internet pharmacy that offers you free delivery to your home.

With this incredible service, you will no longer receive a paper script of your on-going medication. The way your medicine is dispensed and how you receive it will be the same. But, everything is done online.

This service is ideal for you if you suffer from a stable health condition and do not want make frequent visits to your GP just to collet a paper prescription. The NHS Electronic Prescription Service is right for you if you collect your prescription from the same pharmacy and use a prescription collection service.

However, the NHS electronic prescription service is not for patients who do not get their prescriptions very often, or get their medicine from different pharmacies.

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This UK’s online pharmacy will send you an email as a part of reminder service about your prescription due, which can prevent you from running out of supply. More importantly, you can receive your medication with free delivery.

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