Why Use Electronic Prescription Service?

Why Use Electronic Prescription Service

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is one of the most amazing services offered by the National Health Service (NHS). The service allows your GP to send prescriptions electronically from his computer to a pharmacy you nominate.

With EPS, you do not need a paper script of your prescription. Since the prescription is sent by your GP electronically, there is no need to visit him to collect your prescription in person.

This service is especially useful for a patient with chronic conditions that require a repeat prescription. Long-standing conditions may range from diabetes, arthritis and hypertension to psychological illnesses. More than 15 million people in UK are known to have chronic illnesses and if you are one of them, then the EPS is the right service of choice.

Why use EPS?

If you are on regular medication, changing from the traditional paper script process to the new Electronic Prescription Service will have following benefits:

  • You can save time
  • You can save money
  • You can spend less visiting your GP
  • You need not wait in the pharmacy if you choose online pharmacy such as Pharmacy Outlet

Using EPS means there is no need to visit your GP when you require a repeat prescription. Additionally, by nominating Pharmacy Outlet, you will be getting your medication delivered to your preferred UK address without an extra cost.

EPS is the best service to patients who suffer from stable medical condition and who can:

  • collect their medicine from the same pharmacy at all times
  • already use the repeat prescription service
  • do not want to, or have no time to visit their GP for collecting prescriptions

However, the service is not right for you if you do not get your medicine from a same place.

You can start using the service by choosing the place you wish to collect or receive your medication, which can be a local or online pharmacy (Pharmacy Outlet); this is called nomination.

Nominating a pharmacy simply means choosing a pharmacy you would like to have your online prescription sent to. The nominated chemist receives your prescription from your GP and prepares your medication before delivering it to your preferred address in England.

If you choose Pharmacy Outlet, it will prepare and dispense your medicine and sent it to you when you need it. You can feel free to call on 03333 222 400 if you any queries related to the Pharmacy Outlet Electronic Prescription Service.