The Pharmacy Outlet Online Repeat Prescription Service


If you have chronic condition and use regular medication to manage it, let Pharmacy Outlet help you to get your supply of repeat medication!

You can stop spending more time and running between your GP practice and pharmacy to fulfil your repeat prescription with Pharmacy Outlet. Talk to your GP, nominate Pharmacy Outlet and get your prescription right at your doorstep.

Pharmacy Outlet will organise everything for you! Click here to nominate, and get started with online repeat prescription service of Pharmacy Outlet.

Do not run out of your supply, order online repeat prescription through Pharmacy Outlet and have it delivered to your home. In addition, this pharmacy will remind you about your prescription due via an email alert, which can save you time and money.

The process of the Pharmacy Outlet Online Repeat Prescription Service:

  • Nominate Pharmacy Outlet by completing the registration form
  • You will receive a confirmation receipt through email
  • The pharmacy professionals will make the necessary arrangement with your GP practice to collect your prescription online
  • Your prescription will be verified by the team
  • Once verified, you will get your medication at your chosen address in England

Call on 03333 222 400 to know more about how the service works. If you have any queries related to online repeat prescription service, the helpful team is always there to provide you advice and support.

The online repeat prescription service of Pharmacy Outlet can help you to get your repeat medication delivered at your chosen address, without any hassle. There is no need to visit your GP practice to get your repeat prescriptions or all the way visit the pharmacy to collect your medicine.

Ordering regular medication through the Pharmacy Outlet Online Repeat Prescription Service is free. The process of nominating Pharmacy Outlet is pretty quick and easy.

Speak to your GP and the helpful team of Pharmacy Outlet if you want to change or cancel the nomination.


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