Send Prescriptions Electronically For Free

Prescription pills in a yellow bottle over a wooden table

Send your NHS prescriptions electronically without leaving home with Pharmacy Outlet! It saves you time and money.

The Electronic Repeat Prescription (EPS) is a beneficial service for people who receive repeat prescription regularly to manage chronic conditions.

Sometimes, repeat prescriptions can be a hassle. If you are working and you cannot always find the time to visit your GP, you can send prescriptions electronically for free. It is also useful if you are tired of making frequent visits to the pharmacy.

With the NHS Electronic Prescription Service, Pharmacy Outlet, the UK’s largest registered and MHRA regulated pharmacy, will take care of everything to help you get your repeat prescriptions delivered free.

Pharmacy Outlet assures you:

  • Hassle-free service
  • Free reminder service
  • Free delivery

This online pharmacy reminds you by email that your next prescription is due so that you do not run out of medicines.

Your prescriptions arranged electronically once you nominate Pharmacy Outlet. Your GP sends your prescription to the pharmacy through IT systems, using the electronic prescription service of NHS.

You can choose to have your prescriptions delivered free to your door. The service is safe, reliable, fast and free.

According to surveys, 99% of customers agree that this service is more convenient than ordering through a GP.

The NHS Electronically Prescription Service (EPS) means all your repeat prescriptions can be arranged and delivered free to your chosen address without extra cost. So by registering with the Pharmacy Outlet prescription service, you will not have to go anywhere to get your prescription medications.

With the free reminder service, Pharmacy Outlet will contact you through email to inform about your prescription due. Alternatively, you can order your prescription online and have your medicine delivered to your preferred address, let it be home, your place of work, whichever you prefer in UK.

It is pretty quick and easy to register with the Pharmacy Outlet Prescription Service for reaping the benefits of hassle-free repeat prescription service.

How the service works?

Once you have signed up, the service works just like any other online medicine delivery service. You give us your address, and the pharmacy dispenses and delivers your repeat prescription through Royal Mail. If you are not at your home for any reason, we can deliver it to a safe location that you prefer.

It is simple, fast and effective. Sign up today!


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