Know About Pharmacy Outlet’s Repeat Prescription Service




Pharmacy Outlet offers the Repeat Prescription Service, providing patients with a very simple and convenient way to get their repeat medicine.

Patients can order their repeat medicine with the help of Pharmacy Outlet, saving them unnecessary trips to the GP practice. The pharmacy professionals will confirm the medicines that patient will require, order the repeat prescription from GP on the patient’s behalf, collect it and deliver the medicine to the chosen address in England.

Repeat Prescription Service

It is found that many prescriptions in England are going paperless due to Electronic Prescription Service, which is an optional service across GP practices.

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service through which you get your repeat prescription will allow prescriptions to be electronically transferred to a patients’ nominated pharmacy of choice from its GP’s practice.

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service is available at Pharmacy Outlet, and it has upgraded the technology in its store. This this service is available across all GP practices in England.

Accessibility and convenience in any pharmacy is the key. This service is particularly useful for people who receive regular prescriptions, as patients do not need to see their Go every time when in a need of paper prescription.

Pharmacy Outlet is located in Camberley, Surrey and it is operated by Pharmacentric Limited. The service also saves you waiting times in pharmacies and allows pharmacists to streamline processes, freeing up more time spent on sorting paper prescriptions.

Ordering Online

At Pharmacy Outlet, the pharmacy professionals feel it is imperative that the customers have an access to it online repeat prescription service so that they can order their prescriptions simply by sitting on their couch.

Pharmacy Outlet is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and provides medicines approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

More information about the online repeat prescription service and how to order your prescription can be found here!


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