Pharmacy Outlet Offers NHS Electronic Prescription Service

Pharmacy Outlet Offers NHS Electronic Prescription Service

The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is an amazing service introduced by the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK. It allows a GP to send prescriptions to a pharmacy that you nominate.

It was started in April 2013 in a small group of GPs and pharmacies; however, there are now many GP practices and pharmacies taking part and offering the service.

The NHS Electronic Prescription Service makes your GP practice to move to a complete paperless system. This means you can choose where to send your prescription to get your medications.

The benefits of NHS Electronic Prescription Service are that the pharmacy can dispense your medicine before you check in without much wait. Alternatively, you can choose an online pharmacy that can deliver your medicines right at your doorstep.

With this service, you will no longer have to wait at your GP to receive a paper script of your repeat medicine. However, the way your medicine is dispensed and how you receive it will be the same.

The service is best for you if you have a stable condition and do not want to see your GP every time to collect a paper script. Also, it is right for you if you collect your repeat medicine from the same chemist most of the time and already use prescription collection service.

The NHS electronic prescription service is not for you if you do not get your prescriptions regularly, pick up your medicine from different pharmacies, and travel or work away from home frequently.

Pharmacy Outlet is one of the UK’s online pharmacies that offer NHS Electronic Prescription Service. It can do more than just ordering and managing your prescriptions. It offers you healthcare support for long-standing illnesses through an online doctor service called PharmaDoctor.

Once you nominate and create an account with Pharmacy Outlet, you will receive email alerts about your next prescription due so that you do not run out of your medicine. More importantly, you will receive your prescription with free delivery within a stipulated period of time.

Pharmacy Outlet understands that searching a pharmacy that offers optimal service is important. With a broad range of medications and healthcare products, Pharmacy Outlet is possibly the best choice to meet your repeat prescriptions.