Pharmacy Outlet Electronic Prescription Service

Pharmacy Outlet Electronic Prescription Service

If you receive regular repeat medicine, Pharmacy Outlet can take all the hard work you face while ordering and collecting your prescriptions.

Pharmacy Outlet can provide an easy and convenient service for ordering your repeat medicine through Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).

After registering with the website, you can nominate Pharmacy Outlet and receive your medicine through prescription sent by your GP. The pharmacy will also prompt you about your next prescription due. You can simply send the request that it can complete and forward to your GP. Once your prescription is received, the pharmacist with dispense and dispatch your medicine at your home or workplace.

This means that you do not need to drop off your repeat paper prescription at the GP. You can simply send your request to Pharmacy Outlet and it will deliver your medicine right at the place you prefer. All electronic repeat prescriptions are stored securely and safely.

The Pharmacy Outlet’s Electronic Prescription Service also means that its pharmacy professionals can help with medicine queries if you are taking not enough or too much of medicine.

The pharmacy offers a free prescription delivery service, ordering your medicine script electronically from your GP and then delivering it straight at your home or workplace in a safe and discreet packaging. Delivery of NHS electronic prescriptions is free of charge.

Pharmacy Outlet is a registered online pharmacy based in Surrey, which works like other pharmacies with one distinct feature – everything is online. You can contact the store by calling on 03333 222 400 or drop an email to

This UK’s online pharmacy can handle your single as well as repeat prescriptions, both NHS and private once it receives the prescription script electronically.

All the prescription information shared is kept strictly confidential and is highly protected under the Data Protection Act. It will never share your prescription details with anyone. You can rest assure on Pharmacy Outlet to avail electronic prescription service.